"Does a middle class life in North America add up to more than a hill of beans? Do you get on planes to bless the materially blessed with more of the Words of God and call it the great commission? Or do you stay at home and sort the socks from the underwear and pray for revival and give to missions month and train them up in the godly way they should go and referee mindless bickering while begging God to somehow multiply your life into more than a few flailing, gasping fish. You’ve only got one...

Have I read enough chapters out loud to them all piled close or read too many facebook status updates from people I didn’t even really know twenty years ago? Have I laughed at enough obnoxious knock-knock jokes or been too busy walking through doors to somewhere else? Or have I played enough rousing games of monopoly, tickled into the dark, listened with every chamber of my selfish heart? Will Levi and his brothers" (or Nicholson) "someday be standing in ties to give eulogies that I was a mother who plucked straight out of the pulsing best of her to make them into balding, blessed men?

It’s only your own sacrifices that show up at your funeral.

Am I making any of the right ones?"  (from Ann Voskamp's A Holy Experience.com)

Today, in the crazy business of your life and the holidays, take a moment to read and pray through this...


Sometimes "hospitality" starts with those closest to us in our own homes.

May the peace of the season be reflected in our lives.

Merry Christmas 2012,
The Bowen Family
A Candle in the Window Hospitality Network