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"Father," I prayed, "Use this apartment to further your kingdom. Please direct me as to how I could best serve you with this extra room... how I can give it to You" (August 1986). We had no way of knowing it then, but at that very same time, Debbie was making her way south to attend  Bible College . All her worldly possessions packed into an old sedan with enough money to cover tuition and enough faith that God would provide the rest. He answered both our prayers. Debbie moved into that room that had been offered up for His purposes and thus began a lifelong adventure that has brought tremendous blessing... the joy of Christian hospitality.  

    Hi there! We are the Bowen family from upstate South Carolina: Craig, a pastor, Theresa, a homemaker and homeschool mom, five children, a son-in-law, and until she went to be with the Lord in 2016,  Nana, Theresa's mom, a retired school teacher and a special blessing in our lives.

     As we leaf back through our guest book, we are reminded of visitors from about half the states in our nation and missionaries or nationals from some eighteen countries, representing five continents, many of whom we had never met until they "came through" and stayed with us. There are sweet memories of times with family and friends as well... special celebrations and spur of the minute pot lucks, church gatherings and neighborhood get togethers, reunions and "Little House" dinners. We see these guests as "divine appointments", living, breathing answers to the prayer, "Lord, bring whom you will." Believe me, there is nothing extraordinary about our home or family, apart from our availability and our desire to share what God has given us with those whom He brings. Might God be calling you to offer up a similar prayer?

If so, we invite you to join us at A Candle in the Window Hospitality Network. Beyond being a great way to stretch your traveling dollar, we believe that opening your home to others, and visiting in theirs as well, will be a tremendous blessing in your life. As God engineers your path, we pray that new friendships might be forged and the stories of God's faithfulness recounted around countless dinner tables.


     You see, you don't need a big program.
You don't need to convince your session or board.  All you have to do is open your home and begin . And there is no place in God's world where there are no people who will come and share a home as long as it is a real home.      

                 Francis Schaeffer




you want to

know what you can do for the Lord or how to use your spiritual gifts;
your home is the
ideal place to start

Alexander Strauch





        (Romans 12:13)


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