"Do not
to show
to strangers,
for thereby,
some have

Hebrews 13:2



















                                     Member Stories

                We want to hear from you!!! Send us your stories of how
                       hospitality has been a blessing in your lives...

                    Be sure to include your state or foreign country.
                              Send your stories and pictures to:



"Mywife and I stayed with the Stevensons while traveling North
Ireland during our honeymoon in January of 2024. This was our
first time utilizing the Candle in the Window program.

The Stevenson family opened their home and their hearts to us.
We felt right at home, and the Stevensons made us feel like a
member of the family!

We enjoyed some absolutely delicious meals (the Ulster Fry is
incredible), and we greatly enjoyed playing games with their
children and late-night conversations with Barry and Aimee. 

My wife and I were so very blessed by the Stevenson family -
they exemplified Biblical hospitality, and we gained a lifelong
friend. We highly recommend them, and we look forward to
meeting them again someday!"

Luke,  Wisconsin (January 2024)


We had a great time. Mario and Christina opened their home to
us and made us feel so at home. They shared with us breakfast
and some quality conversational time. 

We wanted to acknowledge with you our very positive experience. 
Thanks for connecting us with Mario and Christine in Miami. 

Norberto and Nancy, Paraguay  (December 2023)


We had an absolutely marvelous time with our Sweet Christian
Friends that we reconnected with through A Candle in the Window
after 35 years!!! Thank You for that precious treasure of a time
for two weeks with them!!"

John,  Oregon  (November 2023)


"Thank you for all you do for A Candle in the Window!  We have
been very blessed at each stop we have made with a Candle family.
 May God bless you for and thru this ministry."

Beth,  Illinois   (October 2023)


"Our family has been so blessed to be a part of A Candle in the
Window!  This summer we took a 10 week road-trip exhibiting
our business at homeschool conferences across the US.  We were
blown away by the amazing hospitality that so many Candle
families showed us.  And, we made some amazing friends who
we stayed with.  Being a part of this hospitality network
challenged our own faith and willingness to serve the body of
Christ in sacrificial ways and to show true hospitality to others. 
We now have opened our home to host others who are traveling. 
What a great ministry to be a part of!"

Mark and Amy,  Washington   (September 2023)


"I just wanted to say again how thankful we were for A Candle
in the Window this summer.  We stayed with so many families on
our 10 week homeschool conference road trip.  We made some
great friends and had some great fellowship and saved
a lot of money!" 

Mark,  Washington   (September 2023)


"This week I was blessed to spend a couple of days with Chaya,
Thad & family at Lake Waccamaw. Chaya and girls gave me a
tour of the Camp property and some of the surrounding area by
golf cart. We ate dinner at The Anchorage dining hall and
watched a couple of funny skits put on by campers. The Lake
is bigger than I had imagined and besides water sports, there are
a lot of games and activities available at the Camp. It was a most
enjoyable stay so I hope to visit again some day!"

Sharon,   Florida  (August 2023)


"Just wanted to say we had a wonderful time with Paul and
Kristie Worfel in Ft Wayne, Indiana
They had their grandson
staying with them, so we got to interact with him too!!"

Rick and Gayle,  Washington  (August 2023)  


“Wow, what a beautiful family of 5.  We got to know them as they
 had  prepared dinner for us on the evening we arrived.   It was a
delicious meal and they were very considerate of our food concerns
... We very much enjoyed the conversation and it was especially
nice to hear what God is doing in this part of the globe. The little
cabin they offered for us to stay in was charming and it had all we
could ask for including food items to prepare for breakfast the
next day with homemade teas and homemade soap.  We were very
much refreshed and encouraged by our visit with their sweet family
of 5.  The next morning the oldest daughter and mom gave us a
tour of the animals  on their farm.” 

Jodie,  Florida   (June 2023)


“Such a generous family; we felt like royalty as they served us
a steak dinner on arrival.  There was plenty of food, conversation
and warmth from each of the family members from the youngest,
aged 2/3 to the mom.  In our room they placed a bouquet of Lilacs
as they knew I was looking forward to them as they are my
favorite and my now home state cannot grow them.  The eldest
daughter sang a beautiful worship song for us before bedtime. 
Breakfast again was also plentiful. This family went above &
beyond to serve us.  

With both families we had the opportunity to pray with them. 
That was such a sweet aroma.  My husband who was a little
hesitant about this program was so pleased that he easily
warmed up to both the families in conversation,”

Jodie,  Florida   (June 2023)


"We treasure our Candle memories and look forward to seeing
our former guests in heaven. Thank you for all you are doing to further
 the cause of Christ."

Judy,  Kansas  (June 2023)


"Thanks again for your wonderful ministry! I was looking at the
map just today and was amazed at how many members you have
all over the world. It must be a humbling blessing to see what the 
Lord has done with such a simple Biblical idea to facilitate the 
command to be hospitable to one another."

Carl,   Illinois  (June 2023)


"The Candle in the Window network has been such an incredible blessing
to our family on this trip!  We’ve stayed with 5 families so far...  Each
situation has been a great encouragement to meet likeminded believers.  
We have gone to church with 2 of the families when we were staying
overnight on a Saturday night and really enjoyed both services.  We have mentioned the network to many of our friends and others we’ve met along
 the way at homeschool conferences.  What a great tool you’ve setup.  
Thank you again."

Mark,  Washington  (May 2023)


"Thank you very much for this wonderful ministry! We love every
connection we’ve made and enjoy more opportunities to travel than we
could have imagined. We have also had the joy of hosting others—another
blessing brought about solely because of this network..."

Karilynn,  Wisconsin  (Sept 2022)


"In September, 2022, my 5 kids and I had the privilege of staying
with Mark and Amy as we drove over 1,000 miles to drop off my
daughter to Discipleship Training School with Youth With A
Mission. Right from the start, we felt very welcome and at home.
While we have been members of Candle in the Window since its
beginning and have hosted a few people ourselves, this was the
first trip we have taken that we've stayed in other people's homes
through this hospitality network. It was a wonderful experience
and we are so grateful for Mark and Amy's generosity!

Thank you!"
Becky,   Wisconsin   (Sept 2022)


“We stayed 2 nights with Steve and Heather (12768996). They were
amazing and went over and above with their hospitality. We so enjoyed
hearing about their missionary journey as well. They made us 2 amazing
dinners and welcomed us as family. They, too,  are an asset to
A Candle in the Window.”

"We stayed 2 nights with Karilynn and Jeremy (  ). They were amazing
and their children were so personable. We enjoyed learning about their
hobbies which included gardening and having a beehive. They personally
went with us on a hike and  have gone over and above being hospitable.
They, too, are an assett to A Candle in the Window"

Mary Ellen,  New Jersey   (Sept 2022)


"Last stay for this trip. It has been wonderful, and we have met
wonderful people. We have laughed and cried together and dreamed
together. The fellowship has been rich, and  wonderful. I am thankful
for candle!! We have candle guests coming to MA to stay with us in
Oct. We are looking forward to it. 
Thankful in Christ"

Niki and Steve,   Massachusetts   (Sept 2022)


"I love this idea that God gave you and appreciate you operating this 
ministry. I am fully convinced that fellowship is at the heart of the Gospel.
Not only fellowship with God but with His body and your ministry is
Such a great way to foster fellowship within the body... "

"But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with
one another, and the blood of Jesus his Son cleanses us from all sin."

Matt,  Maryland   (September 2022)


"Roger and Jan (#29186834) are excellent hosts and have a great setup
for large families.  We stopped in Gilbert, LA on our way from Dallas to
Orlando and we are glad we did.  They were so kind to us and asked us if
we'd be stopping with them on the way back (we did).  We all (parent,
teens through 4 year old) felt very loved and accepted while there. "

Alex, Texas  (August 2022)


"Just returned today from staying with a wonderful family we met from
the network: Dave and Jenny Downing. I attached a photo of all of
us together. What a blessing."

Scott,  Washington    (May 2022)



"We had a great time staying with Travis and Allegra (39463072) in
St Genevieve, Missouri... We had a whole log cabin to ourselves! A very
talented, amazing family! They even gave us a book of stories penned by
Travis and illustrated by his young son."

"We were able to have tea with Dave and Marlene ( 5354273 ) and then
stayed with Kathleen (56677581). That was a blessing to be able to spend 
Mother's Day with her. She fed us well and her large home
accommodated us all in very comforted beds... Thankful for Candle-in-the
Window Network and new friends that we've made."

Cathy, Nebraska  (May 2022)


"I LOVE this idea God gave you.  Has been a blessing to us, so much.  We
keep in touch with some of the people who have hosted us, even.  We aren't
in a spot that any one ever chooses for vacation, but if you are ever traveling
somewhere and pass through our neck of the woods (neck of the prairie,
actually), please know we would love to host you and anyone you have with
you.  We can accommodate a larger group, handicaps, the very young, and
those who have been young a very long time."

For His glory,

Catherine and Curtis,  Kansas ( October 2021)


"We enjoyed staying with this couple (Jonathan 52218143) in
Beaumont, TX. 
As with other Candle in the Window families, it’s
delightful to stay with fellow believers with zeal in their faith.

The accommodations are comfortable, and more important, listening
to them share what God is doing in their lives is encouraging
and inspiring.

We would be delighted to stay there again if we get the chance."

Sara Lyn, Texas   (July 2021)


“What a comfort to know that my husband was being well taken care of
when he flew to Texas to visit his mom and attend a reunion. Tim and Sara
Lyn (0213055) was incredibly gracious in even picking him up at the airport!
Thank you so much for the kindness!!!!”

“Steven and I were exhausted from ministry and decided to take off for a
couple of days so I sent out messages to fellow candle in the window families
and very spur of the moment,  Chris, member 9704388 was willing to have
us for an overnight. We were so blessed to meet them and share the Lord
whom we all love with each other. Their gracious hospitality encouraged
and renewed our hearts.Thank you, Chris and Heather!!"

Steven and Annette, Maine   (July 2021)


"We used the Candle in the Window connection to help us drive back to
Alaska.  We stayed a second time with a family we met in 2018.  We
arranged for two of their girls to come to work at a camp in Alaska for
the summer.  They are doing great, and loving Alaska. 
We love this ministry you created.”

Eric and Emily, Alaska and Bolivia   (July 2021)


"Our time with Violet and Russell's family was a delight...

It was extra special because it was our first A Candle in the Window stay.

We had trouble finding them, but their oldest daughter, Skye drove to
find us! 
Even though it was getting late, the warm welcome was sweetly
palpable. The kids all stayed up and Pat enjoyed lively conversations
getting to know these very creative 
and interesting young people Two of
the girls own cows and sell their 
milk!  The girls played a song on their
violins! Jim really enjoyed chatting 
with Russell. Violet (mom) came home
to meet us and chat, then had to left to finish 
an important floor install
for her mother!

The time flew by.  

Our spacious room was excellent, the bed was super comfortable and the
bathroom beautiful. 
The older girls made breakfast complete with
homemade bread. and put it in containers for us to take with us. 
So very kind!

This is a precious family and we hope to stay with them again."

Jim and Pat,  Wisconsin  (April 2021)


"Our family really loves what this network does, and we have definitely
benefited from traveling and staying with other Christian families. These
experiences have been amazing for our family....
God bless you for the
incredible, good service you are providing God's people."

Walter,  California   (December 2020)


          --------------Temporary Halt ot Travel/ CoVId-19  ----------------
                                               March 2020

During this unprecedented time of CoVid lockdowns and restrictions
while our ordinary travel is curtailed, let us not forget that hospitality
starts in our own homes with our own families… Stay safe! 

The Bowen Family, Founders of  A Candle in the Window Hospitality Network
(March 2020)

“Let us work on the welcome we extend to those with whom we live—
not just greetings given at the end of a long day—but the hospitality shared
in the moment by moment meshing of lives. Let us demonstrate to one another,
‘ Your ideas are welcome. Your interests are welcome. Your presence is
welcome.’ Once we have opened these doors to each other, then we can begin
to think about opening doors to the world outside… Minister first to one
another, then as a team to the world beyond…”  

Karen Maines, Open Heart, Open Home


"Dear Bowen Family,

This thanks is long overdue.  We joined the CITW network in November
of 2014 and it has been such a blessing in our lives. We have had a number
of families come and stay with us, and we have made such special
friendships as a result:

To highlight just a few: David and Susan Friesen
(26644145) and their four children have stayed with us several times, and
at their invitation we were able to take a trip to Manitoba this past summer
to visit them and help for a few days on their berry farm.

Just a few days ago, my husband and I were in Costa Rica on an anniversary
trip and we were privileged to contact and be invited to a conversational
dinner with Ben and Krista Balke (51279734). Four hours have never flown
by so quickly! We were inspired to hear about their journey toward becoming
missionaries and hope to keep in touch in the coming days and years

I could go on and on about the wonderful experiences we’ve had - kayaking
on a river in Virginia, receiving books in the mail from previous guests,
enjoying a Messianic Jewish concert given in our home by a talented guest
couple, and more. Our lives are richer because of the network you have
provided for us to host fellow believers and be the recipients of their
hospitality in return. May the Lord bless you and continue to grow this
tremendous ministry!

With deep gratitude,
Natalie,  Kansas  (December 2019)


"My name is Herb Wells and my number is 48866353.  I wanted to let you
know I spent the night of December 19th with a wonderful family in
Lancaster, PA. Their number is 51334818. They were most gracious to me
and gave me a nice dinner and breakfast.

do volunteer work at Christian Camps and for friends. God has blessed
me with many talents and I get to use them for Him.  I am happy that I am
able to be associated with A Candle In The Window program. I stayed once
before with a couple in Mississippi.

Thank you, Herb (December 2019) 


"I want to give feedback pertaining to our stay in Wisconsin at the end of

July, 2019.  We stayed with Chuck and Priscilla Metz on very short notice. 
My Mom was in the hospital and we wanted to visit her, but due to other
family concerns we chose not to stay with any of my family members. 

Chuck and Priscilla became like family to our family of eight in the few
days we were there and even sent us home with hand-me-down clothing for
our older girls which they have been enjoying ever since.  We ate healthy
meals and enjoyed great times of fellowship with them.  The children loved
their dog. 

We "clicked" on many levels and expect to make an effort to
connect with them during future visits north.  We encourage anyone who
wants to enjoy good wholesome hospitality to consider staying with them."

Rejoicing Always,  
Todd & Paula Smith

(July 2019)


"We have had 6 families from Candle in the Window in the last months.
We been immensely enriched by their presence and conversation."

Ron and Pauline,  Florida  (June 2019)


"WOW!  Our modern days are full of problems but also encouraging

trends.  You guys are part of the up side.  We have hosted for a while but
finally stayed with some one else.  IT was great.  WE have had our own
"candle in the window" going on among an extended network of friends
for years but you guys stepped out in faith and connected us to a so much
bigger network.  This is not a network of "regular" believers.  I compare
it to "MediShare" and "Samaritan" insurance networks.  Believers living
their faith in real ways.

Thanks so much for your sacrifice.

Michael and Kimberly,  Texas  (June 2019)


"It was our great please to host Tom and Sumiyo Bickel and their precious
children earlier this year. We truly enjoyed having them in our home. They
were very easy to get to know and showed great interest in our little town
and getting to know us. If you have an opportunity to welcome them into
your home you will be blessed by their visit. Their ID number is 5780630."

Judy, Kansas (May 2019)

"My four grandchildren and I were traveling from Missouri to Florida
and we stayed with the Sanders family for one night. There is a natural
curiosity when approaching the home of strangers but we were only
strangers for a couple of minutes. The accommodations far exceeded our
expectations and their gift for making people feel instantly at home is
exceptional. It was very handy to be able to drive around to the lower
walkout level. We spent a week in Florida but even now, two and a half
months later, each one of the children will tell you one of their favorite
parts of our vacation was staying with the Sanders family."

Judy, Kansas (May 2019)


" The Bickel family was very flexible in their visit with us as our family
had just been hit with sickness and they were fine with staying with our
relatives next door. Our relatives had a great time visiting with them and
we hope we can visit more the next time they are in the states."

Brian, Texas  (March 2019)


"We have been the recipients of hospitality through A Candle In The
Window in many places now. We are delighted with what God is doing in
this, and happy to be a part of it."

Jamie, Canada   (April 2019)


"We had a masterpiece in host family travel for three weeks. 17 host
families! We owe it all to you!"

Tom, Japan  (March 2019)


“I had the pleasure of staying with the family at host location 33464347 in
Huntsville, Arkansas. What a joy it was! The family was such a delight to
talk with about Jesus, pray together, and trade stories from the mission
field!! And the quaint, remote cabin was great, it provided much needed
rest during my extensive travels throughout the region.”

Stephen,  Florida    (December 2018)


"We had a wonderful visit with this family of great cooks from Singapore!
Candle is the best!"

Tom, Japan (December 2018)


"If you guys ever go to Singapore, we HIGHLY recommend our friend
and Candle member Mr. Tan. (Our son) Roman had a very rewarding
stay in both Singapore and Malaysia thanks to Tan's organizing."

Tom, Japan  (Dec 2018)


We enjoyed hosting William and his family, along with seven of their
children, for four days at our farmhouse near Shelbyville, Indiana last week.
We also had hosted them three years ago. They are a delightful young family
who love the Lord. They are a very busy family, as you can imagine with a
large family. Though the two youngest had the occasional age-appropriate
temper tantrum, overall the children were very polite, respectful, and well

 They enjoyed helping with meal preparation, setting the table, and clean
up. The older children are very good with helping the younger children.

We enjoyed hearing William and Larisa‘s stories from the mission field,
of Muslims giving their life to Christ. William also shared at our local
church on Sunday morning. Their stories really reveal the power of prayer
in their lives, and encouraged us in our prayer life. God answers prayer!
I’m sure you would receive a blessing by serving the Lord through hosting
this family.”

 Laura and Fred,   Indiana   (August 2018)


"We had a great time of fellowship staying with Kate on her lovely farm.
The accommodations were lovely and comfortable. The food was yummy.
The farm setting was invigorating. Who would think a state as populous
as New York could have such a secluded oasis of a farm? The best part,
though, was the fellowship with Kate, and her daughter and husband and
grand daughters.

We highly recommend visiting here if you are passing through Niagara

Ted and Shannon, Canada  (July 2018)


"Ted and Shannon from Edmonton Alberta Canada were my guests.  
 They came with their 6 children and were such a blessing and what a
wonderful experience it was.   What a blessing your program is and
I cant wait for my next guests!"

Kate, New York   (July 2018)


"We had a wonderful experience with Amy and her son, John.  My
daughter was moving to Colorado Springs for an internship and my mom
and I needed a place to stay for two nights. Amy provided a bed, dinners
and breakfasts for us, including our daughter and we had a great time
getting to know each other with conversations and board games. It was
good for my daughter to feel like she knew someone where she’ll be staying
as we head back to the field."

Beverly,  Democratic Republic of Congo  (June 2018) 


"Thanks again for this wonderful ministry, we have been abundantly

Carl,  Illinois   (April 2018)


"We are brand new members of Candle in the Window.  It was
a delight to stay with Jay and Beth Weaver for a very brief
overnight while visiting Lancaster.  They were very gracious and
accommodating hosts.  We so appreciate them opening their
home to fellow travelers."

Michael and Laura,  Pennsylvania  (April 2018)


"Jason and Deb (41345552) graciously opened their home to us and our
three children. We enjoyed the evening with them and their children
sharing a meal, ping pong and great conversation. Their home is very
inviting and we very much enjoyed our stay with them. You’ll be sure to
enjoy their hospitality as much as we did. 

"Sheila, Greg and family (29248433) graciously hosted our family of five
in their cozy cabin.  The charm, the conversation and fellowship, the meal,
everything was very enjoyable.  The property is off the beaten path, but
well worth a little detour.  We wish we would have had more time to spend
with them.  A very lovely family that you will enjoy staying with."

"Jim and Jennifer, and daughter Emily (33562638), were wonderful hosts
to our family of five.  We enjoyed a delicious dinner and an evening of great
conversation and fellowship. Our accommodations were very comfortable.
Morning came and we had to be off after sharing another delicious meal for
breakfast together. We very much enjoyed our time with each of them and
greatly appreciated their hospitality."

"Ray and Kathy (9266194)graciously hosted our family of six on a trip 
through New Mexico.  We arrived after dinner to enjoy a wonderful evening 
of conversation and music played on multiple different instruments.  Their 
children were equally enjoyable.  They offered for us to stay with them
our return trip as well, but due to unexpected circumstances, our travels
home took us a different route.  We’d definitely stay with them again if we
ever travel through there in the future." 

Steve and Lorie - #34558140  (March, 2018)


"Dave and Vicki in Temecula, CA are wonderful and gracious hosts. My
wife and I live in northern Canada, where it is pretty cold in January. I
thought I should look for a week in the warmth for my wife's birthday. I
decided on southern California, and looked up A Candle In The Window
homes there. I sent messages to a few, letting them know my plans, and
Vicki got back to me with a kind invitation for a week(!) at their house.

We took her up on it, and I am very thankful we did. These folks let us
come and go, keep our own schedule, and gave suggestions on where to
visit. We found that we wanted to spend a lot of time with our hosts. We
really connected well.

If anyone goes there to visit, sing hymns! :-)
These are wonderful people. When they offer you hospitality, take them
up on it, learn a few things, then go and do likewise. Highly recommended!

Jamie,  Canada  (March 2018)


" Thanks again for this creative ministry.  We had a gathering of some our
missionaries 2 weeks ago and several of them shared how they had stayed
at homes thru A Candle in the Window on their way to our conference and
how this was such a blessing to them!

Jennifer, Colorado   (March 2018)


"Thank you for this ministry!  We have been blessed."

Robert and Kerri, Missouri  (March 2018)


"We're SO glad you created this website and network of Christian
hospitality! We have been practicing such for years, yet never knew that
someone had the ingenuity to bottle it and make it available on an 
international basis!"

Tim, Ohio  (February 2018)


"My husband, two kids (ages 14 and 12 at the time) and I stayed with
Chad's family during Labor Day weekend last September.  My kids had
really wanted to visit family in California last summer, but we couldn't
swing it financially.  We decided instead to do a little camping in the Door
County area and then to spend the weekend in Chicago. 

Chad's family welcomed us in like old friends.  He and his wife shared
testimonies  with us of how they found their current home, the long process
they went through in making it livable (they have done an amazing job of
renovating it and making it feel so warm and welcoming), and parenting
struggles and  victories.  They are so gracious and kindhearted! 

And their kids (3 daughters and one son) were all so sweet to my kids as
well. My daughter especially loved and looked up to their eldest daughter,
who has such a heart for the Lord and yet is a cool and contemporary
teenager. Their son, though a year or two younger than my son, carries
himself with so much confidence and maturity.  My son really enjoyed
hanging out with him.  My husband has multiple food sensitivities and
they were so caring and accommodating, as they are familiar with gluten
and dairy sensitivities themselves.

I had a lot of ideas for how I wanted to spend our time in Chicago, as
there were many things going on downtown, but our kids don't like big
city life much.  They were so happy to meet this family and just spend

time with them instead. We were very blessed by their hospitality!"

Carolyn,  Wisconsin  (February 2018)


"Sharon (#10422194) provided u with wonderful hospitality and
encouraging fellowship.  They were very gracious in accepting our last
minute request and worked around our evening schedule.  May this family
experience true shalom and God’s greatest blessings as they continue to
bless others in the years to come."

Brad, Colorado  (February 2018)


Stay with #34908858, in Apple Valley, MN 

"So blessed by our stay with the Paulsen's! They said yes even though
our request was last minute due to a change in our plans. And they were
so gracious to provide for all our needs for breakfast even though they
had to leave at 5 am to visit family. Their daughter was available after they
left & though we did not get to say goodbye, we were so blessed that they s
till let us stay.

Thank you again!!!"

The Luekens,  Massachusetts   (February 2018)


“Sandie was extremely gracious and accommodating even when our flight
into St. Louis was delayed and we arrived late in the night for a missions
event. The house is delightful and located in a very nice part of town. We
wanted to take her dog home with us… but we didn’t.

 Best Regards,"
Doug & Margo,  Washington  (February 2018)


"I think you would be surprised at how God is already using Candle
in the Window to strengthen a broader community of believers...

When we invite someone into our home, we not only get to hear their story,
but we can be encouraged by what God is doing in their life, and perhaps
there's something from our experience that will benefit those staying with us.

I often think of Rob and Sammi Dean who stayed with us two different
times as they were moving from Oklahoma to Western Colorado. We were
a good halfway point on their trip. They even got snowed in one time which
lengthened their stay another day or two. As a result, once our kids were in
bed at night, we were able to hear about their story of infertility and plant
seeds in their hearts of considering adoption. I don't think that was
necessarily God's plan for them, but I think all four of us as adults were
mutually edified and encouraged from our nightly discussions."

John,  Colorado  (January 2018)


"We recently spent 2 nights at the home of Harlan and Jeannette and their
daughter while we were in the Minneapolis area visiting 3 of our children
and having our vehicle repaired. We were grateful to have a warm and
comfortable home to come back to in the evenings, and gracious, friendly
people there to welcome us!

Happily, we were at Harlan and Jeannette’s whilst they were engaged to
disperse donated bread (several large bags full!) for about an hour each
evening. We were able to help with the task of bagging and separating out
the bread, muffins, buns, focaccia etc to various charitable sources. It was
really fun, and the best end to both our days. God is so good to have
brought us at a time when we could be useful!"

Harlan and Jeannette really do have a lot of books! I was happy to peruse 
the shelves for an evening read, and found Elizabeth Elliott’s “How to 
Have a Quiet Heart,” and thoroughly enjoyed reading her work again. 

As we were busy with family each evening, Harlan served us breakfast one
morning, and led in a wonderful time of worship and Bible study afterwards.
Our 15yo son really enjoyed that, as did my husband and I. This family is
generous and friendly and interesting and Godly. It is so nice to meet
people that put the Lord first in all that they do, and welcome us
into their home as family."

Jim and Carole, South Dakota  
(November 2017)


"Thanks again for providing this great network - we use it a lot and it is
wonderful and we have met many really interesting folks."

Caroline, Arizona  (September 2017)


We stayed with host family Lainna in West Chicago, since we needed
to attend a memorial service for our dear missionary co-worker.

We had a great room to stay in, breakfast was casual - just what we
wanted and needed.  We enjoyed watching Shark Tank with their teenage
daughter, we walked through the neighborhoods and even loved
our conversations.

Thank you."
Judy,  Guatemala  (September 2017)


I got connected well with the members of Candle in the window in
Prague and had wonderful 
fellowship which was a real divine appointment.
Thanks for creating a platform of divine network. 

David,  South Korea   (September 2017)


Thank you for creating a great way for a large family to travel.  It can
be very expensive to travel with a family of seven.  We would like to show
our home schooled children history in the USA if it is possible financially
for us."

Thank you again!
Sonia Quinette,  Arizona  (September 2017)


"My wife and I are excited about A Candle in the Window and all of the
new friends that we'll meet through this hospitality network! Thank you
for organizing and managing this. It is a great idea to help connect
believers around the world."

Gratefully in CHRIST,
Lucas and Lois Richard, Louisiana and Liberia (August 2017)


"May God continually bless you and this network of Christian families!"

Karyn Leonard  (August 2017)
Special Projects Coordinator
Josh McDowell Ministry


"Our family of five stayed with the Sheila (29248433) for two
nights on a recent visit to TN.  What a wonderful family!  They welcomed
us, fed us delicious food, and gave us their master bedroom!  We enjoyed
getting to know each other, a campfire and s'mores, seeing their farm, and
milking goats, among other things.  We are very thankful for their

"The Weieneth family (11563724) stayed with us for two nights, on their
way to and from a vacation.  What a fun, wonderful family!  There were
seven total people, all adults, and our entire family enjoyed having them
here and getting to know them.  We felt like they were old friends that we
just hadn't seen in a long time!"

"Johanna (26934273) and her mother-in-law Anna stayed with us for two
nights and we almost didn't know they were here!  They were attending a
local event and were gone from morning to night.  The times we did spend
visiting with them were very nice.  They are super sweet ladies and Anna
is an amazing artist!"

"Kelly and David  welcomed us into their home with amazing
hospitality!  They left us a key because they weren't even home when we
arrived!  We had comfortable beds and warm showers, which is just what
we needed.  We are thankful for this couple and their peace-filled home."

Dan and Carrie, Michigan  (August 2017)


"Our stay with Peggy (#27830203) in Oklahoma City was our first
Candle in the Window experience, and it was such a good one! CJ and
Peggy welcomed my four young children and myself, as well as the young
lady traveling with us, with such joyful hospitality that we were all blessed!
The children enjoyed playing in their backyard after a long day in the car,
and we all enjoyed chatting with our gracious hosts both in the evening
and over a yummy breakfast in the morning before we left. What a gift!"

"Our stay with Peggy (#27830203) in Oklahoma City was our first
Candle in the Window experience, and it was such a good one! CJ and
Peggy welcomed my four young children and myself, as well as the young
lady traveling with us, with such joyful hospitality that we were all blessed!
The children enjoyed playing in their backyard after a long day in the car,
and we all enjoyed chatting with our gracious hosts both in the evening
and over a yummy breakfast in the morning before we left. What a gift!"

"Our stay with Peggy (#27830203) in Oklahoma City was our first
Candle in the Window experience, and it was such a good one! CJ and
Peggy welcomed my four young children and myself, as well as the young
lady traveling with us, with such joyful hospitality that we were all blessed!
The children enjoyed playing in their backyard after a long day in the car,
and we all enjoyed chatting with our gracious hosts both in the evening
and over a yummy breakfast in the morning before we left. What a gift!"

" Ann (#13113408) in Mesa, AZ, treated 6 of us to a delicious dinner,
accommodating our dietary restrictions, and a wonderful breakfast to
send us on our way. We enjoyed our brief stay!"

"Our family of 6 was blessed by our 2-night stay with Jeremiah (# 3283054)
in Hesperus, CO! The master bedroom suite was perfect for us, and our
children so enjoyed the hosts' children! With yummy food, lovely
conversation, insider's scoop on a beautiful local hiking spot, and fun
times exploring their property, our visit really felt as if we had found
long-lost cousins."

"Our stay in Colorado Springs was made so sweet by member 5797030's 
generous sharing of their home. Dale and Stephanie (and their daughter
and her husband and little son) welcomed us with healthy, delicious food
and three lovely guest rooms in which to spread out our family of six. We
enjoyed both time getting to know our hosts, as well as exploring the
gorgeous area. What a great way to end our long trip!"

"Brian and Susan, members 38428259, along with their adult daughter,
were delightful guests. We all enjoyed their quick visit, which was made
even sweeter by discovering that it was Brian's birthday. We are hoping
to head their way sometime so we can switch roles. :)"

"Ryan and Dawn and their six children, members 34513083, spent a few
nights with us during a very busy period in our lives and were such easy

Ed and Susan, Missouri  (July 2017)


"I wanted to leave a review for a family that we stayed with on the way to
Washington.  It was our first time and it went so well, better than anything
we ever expected:

"This was our first experience staying with a family through the Candle
in the Window Network. To say that staying with the H family (#27040016)
was a blessing seems to fall short of the experience we had.  The time spent
was truly amazing.  In the little time we shared together, it seemed that our
families had known each other for years.  The H’s went above and beyond
what we expected from a host family.  Their older children engaged
my younger children with genuine love and laughter.  Our families enjoyed
daily Bible studies, violin and cello lessons, and many engaging
conversations about our lives, and Jesus.  The children collected eggs daily
and each meal was prepared with love.  I was also able to join Steve with
his weekly men’s Bible study.  We felt so welcomed and were sad when we
had to leave.  The H’s displayed what true Christian hospitality
looks and feels like, and they have motivated us to do the same with what
God has blessed us with in the future.  Thank you so much for the
experience, it is truly one that we will never forget.

As a side note, I am trying to arrange more of these visits on our way
back to Florida.  The experience we had was incredible.  The thought of
spending time with other Christian families and our families fellowshipping
with each other is addictive!  As I was looking at the map of members on
your site, I couldn't help but experience a feeling of wonder. Just thinking
of how much of a difference your family has made in creating this network,
almost 2,000 members if I saw correctly, is astounding.  Thank you so
much for making it possible and I will be sure to spread the word."

Mike and Yadi,  Florida  (July 2017)


"Cody and Austin from Winston Salem stayed with Kathy (9266194)
and had the time of their life. Thank you guys so much."


"We usually have one group each summer contact us through CITW... 

lots of folks visit Alaska in the summer. We've made some friends that we 
stay in touch with via FB or Christmas cards. Thanks for facilitating this
unique ministry!"

Sara, Alaska  (July 2017)


"We recently hosted Patrick and Christine (#33060012) in our home
overnight.  We enjoyed their company very much.  They were interesting
and fun people with which  to visit. 

Robert, Missouri  (July 2017)


We live in Montana and had "A Candle in the Window" guests from
Edmonton, Alberta two weeks ago...  The past two nights,  
we hosted a
family from Florida.  They said they were from the 
church you used to
attend.  They are Mike and Yadi  and 
their four children.  We are grateful
for the ministry of A Candle in the Window.

 May the Lord bless you."

 Melanie,  Montana  (July 2017)


"We had a lovely stay with Murray and Nancy (#11117580 in NY). 
They were very hospitable and welcoming.  We appreciate that they
welcomed us after having a very busy week.  The main thing that we
appreciated was that they kept Christ first." 

Joseph and Cynthia, Ohio   (June 2017)


" Hi, I just want to tell you how much I love Candle in the Window.
We have gotten to use it and have received our first request to host a
family!! Yippee! I love it!
Blessings upon you for such a great
ministry. We are blessed."

Suzy,  China  (May 2017)


"Thanks for putting together A Candle in the Window. It has been
a great blessing to us so far. It was wonderful to be able to go to
Nationals! We also used it when my son came for Spring Break. It
has been a life saver. Thanks so much!"

Mary,  Colorado  (April 2017)

"On very short notice, Les and Alana (36692554 in Delaplane, VA)
welcomed me into their home after I had spent a whole week at a seminary
in PA for PhD studies. I live in SE VA, and I used to just drive straight home
after finishing my last class. But longer trips have become more difficult for
me. So I was looking to join a family for dinner. But a Friday dinner for me
turned into joining them for a campfire with Smores, a movie, spending the
night (Alana was concerned for my safety driving at night), and devotionals
the next morning with socializing and encouragement in between each event
with both parents and children. It was a joy to discover our common interests
with schooling, fellowship, extracurricular activities, and even some mutual
friends. Truly a blessing and a Godsend. Thank you for making this

Joe,  Virginia  (March 2017) 


"Recently the Bickel family of Japan had to make an emergency trip
to Oregon because my mother (native of Italy and 72 years old) was
diagnosed with lymphoma cancer.

Brian and Ginger (10849342 in Amity, Oregon) warmly welcomed us
into their large home and treated us to an excellent dinner.  They were
an encouragement to us and an oasis amidst the storms of this fallen
world. Their large family of homeschoolers greeted us with intelligent
questions. It is always such a delight to meet young people with passion
and dreams!  Their home sits on the top of a hill surrounded by
vineyards and orchards.  What a lovely time we had! We are thankful
they also took us to a Wednesday evening prayer meeting at their

God bless the Candle Ministry
Tom,  Japan  (February 2017)


"Praying that this wonderful network will grow, increase & be such
a blessing to everyone involved (this is such an awesome idea! Especially
for those of us with the gift of hospitality - just wish I had a bigger home
- Isaiah 54:2 )

Your Sister in Christ,
Jacqueline,  Florida  (January 2017)


"Thankful for you and your ministry. I have stayed with Candle in the
Window families all over the US, with my most memorable stays being
in Los Angeles, California and Seattle. The families I stayed with always
went above and beyond -- even letting me stay up to three or four nights
and some even providing transportation to and from the airport. Each
was a memorable sweet experience that I will always treasure. If you ever
need any testimonies or reviews, I'd be glad to give my own. 

I got married this past year so my spontaneous traveling life has been
on hold, but I look forward to traveling more in the future with my
husband and future family. 

I do have a suggestion -- you really need to advertise more! I can't
imagine what I would have done without ACITW during my stays at
conferences out of state where I traveled by myself as a single girl and
did not want to stay alone in an expensive hotel. I JUST HAPPENED
to learn about it through a friend of a friend. I really wish more
people could know about it and take advantage of this wonderful
thing! In all my Christian circles I'd say that may be .01 percent of
anyone I've ever met has heard of A Candle in the Window.
Spread the word! 


Tiffany, Georgia  (January 2017)


"Thank you for creating and maintain this hospitality network. We 
have met so many nice people which has enriched and blessed our
lives. "

Blessings to you,

Teresa,  California  (January 2017)


This (6630632 - Omaha) was our first Candle in the Window
experience and it was wonderful!  They were willing to have us in the
midst of renovations and were our support during a challenging  drive
through blizzard weather.  Their older children made our younger
children feel comfortable and at home.  We were so blessed by our stay
 with them. " 

"We were so happy that we were able to stay in Marietta with Member
26621046 and it came at a time when we were feeling frustrated with
planning our long trip from Canada to Florida! The hospitality that we
received from our host was warm and welcoming."

"Chad and his family  (0505518 in Chicago) were very gracious to our
family by welcoming us to their home even though their own travel was
delayed and they were not able to be there.  It is such a wonderful thing
to receive such care and trust from within the Christian family."

Will & Simone,  Canada   (Dec 2016)


Hi Theresa - we just had a wonderful visit with Chet and
Jennifer Leach in Mesa and their sons.  They are great to have
on the network - very friendly and hospitable and their home is
comfortable and beautiful.

We also stayed again with James and Karen Heck in Chandler/
Sun Lakes and they are wonderful and encouraging.

We are SO thankful for this network - it helps us greatly as we visit
our aging parents, who can't host us. 
Thank you!  

Blessings on you at Christmas!!!
Caroline,  Arizona (Dec 2016)


"Kimberly (10192008) and her family were delightful.  Kimberly went out
of her way to help us in so many ways during our time in Louisville.  She
fed us a marvelous dinner when we arrived.  We had great fellowship and
 loved getting to know them a bit. Their children were wonderful!! We are
grateful that Tm and Kimberly opened up their home to us and we hope to
see them again someday."

"Kelly and her housemate were super amazing and accommodating for
us! Kelly was so kind to let us use her adorable new room and bathroom.
We thoroughly enjoyed getting to meet her and chat with her a bit. We
highly recommend her as a hostess." (Kelly 2665217)

"Michelle and her family are seasoned and excellent hosts. We arrived at
night and she was so accommodating. Her kids gave up their beds for us
and were so great to play with our son. Micelle made us a lovely breakfast
and we had a great time chatting. We did not get to meet Randy but look
forward to it next time!"  (Michelle 10354226)

Lauren,  Georgia  (August 2016)


"My husband and I along with our adult daughter stayed with Naomi and
her family (28255924) in New Hampshire.  They were very hospitable and
gracious.  They even offered us a hot meal upon arriving.  I liked the fact
that they showed us around their house and made us very comfortable. 
Since the Summer Olympics were going on, we enjoyed several hours of
watching the sport events and talking with the children.  Naomi and her
family are very gracious.  This was our first A Candle in the Window
experience and we are grateful.  Their home is located outside of Boston
suburb.  Warm and inviting.  Thank you."

Judy,  Guatemala  (August 2016)



"We appreciate your wonderful, hospitality ministry!  It has truly been
a blessing to make so many new friends from around the US."

Connie,  Louisiana  (August 2016)


"We received a very warm welcome in the home of Ronald and Tenille in
Wales, UK. This family was very hospital to us, although we asked on very
late moment for a two nights stay for the six of us. Their home is situated
on a beautiful place upon a hill with breath taking views. We were fed in
a very good way, both physically and spiritually. Our cup ran over!
Highly recommended."

Hans-Laurens and Erica,  The Netherlands  (August 2016)


"First of all, I would want to thank you for putting this Hospitality
Network together.  My husband and I travel through the summer
ministering through our worship music and teaching. “Candle In the
Window” has been an amazing part of our ministry as each family that
we stayed with had a unique testimony of connection that we never
expected.  We are so thankful."

Christine, Oregon (August 2016)


We have been blessed by this network since we first used it last summer
2015. We are missionaries in Congo and are stateside this summer again.
We were welcomed into the home of Imran (12809234) like family. We
traveled with some of our students from Africa this time so were looking
for a place to sleep for 4 nights for the group after landing from the airport
and before heading to Georgia where we were invited to sing. We loved
our time with this precious family! May the Lord bless them abundantly
for gracious hospitality. We enjoyed worshipping together eating family
style and playing together in the abundant green grass surrounding their
beautiful home. Thank you Candle for a great connection that thoroughly
blessed our African students visiting America for the first time."

Jean, Republic of Congo  (July 2016)



"My name is Matthew Cserhati, and I visitid Mr. Scott Jefferies from
July 30-31 in Kalamazoo, Michigan.
Scott  was a very kind and helpful
host. He helped me with my bags, and gave me dinner and breakfast, and
we had fellowship and conversation. He was very courteous and helpful,
and my stay at his house was a positive one.
I would certainly recommend
Scott to anyone who wants to stop by in Kalamazoo."

Matthew,  Nebraska  (July 2016)


"We enjoyed meeting Dawn's family #9383114 . They were such great
hosts! Their children played really well with our children. The whole
family took a whole day to take us to San Antonio and show us around the
Alamo and the River walk. We were so grateful. We also enjoyed going
with them to their church on Sunday and meeting their wonderful
church family. We were spontaneously asked to share a Word of
encouragement with their church and then spent the following hours
visiting. What a memorable time!"

"We  also really enjoyed meeting Kathy's family 92194). They made us
feel welcome right away. Our children enjoyed playing with their children
who shared their toys with us. We had amazing meals with them and got
to meet some of their other family members. Good fellowship and prayer

Pitana and Nadia, Canada  (July 2016)


"Thank God,  you and your family for this ministry.  This has added sooo
much excitement to our 17 day drive to/from Colorado.  We will be staying
in our time share for one week.  Other than that, I have found 7 out of 9
nights for a host family.  That is a major blessing for our family of seven."

 Terri & Jerry,  Pennsylvania  (June 2016)



"We very much enjoyed the hospitality of this family (Angela #6460797),
and also appreciated the effort they made to accommodate our food
allergies. This was the first family we stayed with using A Candle In The
Window, and we had a great experience. Thanks!"

Ben,  Wisconsin  (May 2016)


"My daughter and I stayed with the Les in Baton Rouge for one night
as we were passing through their state. We were so blessed by their warm
and enthusiastic hospitality. The teenage girls seemed genuinely excited to
host us. On our bed they had placed a beautiful welcome tray with an
arrangement of fresh flowers and a plate of homemade cookies. They
invited my musician daughter to join in their family music rehearsal.  We
had a delightful evening of making a joyful noise unto The Lord. I hope
we will have opportunity to see them again in either their home or ours.

Karen, Texas  (May 2016)


"During a five-week family vacation through France, Kathleen and
Sebastian (7489935) welcomed us warmly for two nights.  What a
wonderful break to sit and visit with kindred spirits.  Our kids had a
blast playing, and we enjoyed discussing, singing and praying together. 
Their generosity and kindness were a real blessing to us."

Also, Paul and Karan (10579318) welcomed us warmly for two nights. 
It was so exciting to hear the stories of God’s work in their lives and in
their ministry.  They sacrificed their space and their time to make us feel
at home, and we are thankful for their friendship."

Mike,  Canada   (May 2016)




"Pastor Ronny and his wife are a barrel of laughs!  Their cooking is
terrific.  The children are all bright homeschoolers.  They are well
traveled and interesting and engaging conversationalists.  Our two nights
with them flew by in an instant.  We look forward to our next visit with
them.  We wholeheartedly and without reservation recommend this
Candle family."

Tom,  Japan  (April 2016)



"The C family (  ) gave us a very warm welcome. They took the time to
converse and offered us food and refreshments. They let us stay in a
beautiful bedroom with bath.  We enjoyed a great healthy breakfast.
They gave us very good directions on how to avoid the busy traffic in the
morning. We had a wonderful time with them and a restful stay. We were
very comfortable. Their house is very specious and situated in a peaceful
quiet neighborhood. Highly recommended."

David and Aartje,  New Hampshire  (March 2016)


"We have really enjoyed your  ministry- both on the receiving and  
providing hospitality end.
Whenever we are planning a trip, we always
check to see if any of the Candle connections will work.
Thanks for
thinking of and maintaining this ministry."

Jane,  Missouri  (March 2016)


"This will be the third time I've stayed with a Candle in the Window
host, and I am anticipating that it will be as much of blessing as the first
two stays. Thank you so much for your ministry!  Staying with family
(brothers and sisters in Christ) is SO MUCH BETTER than staying in an
impersonal hotel. When we travel A Candle in the Window is always the
first place we check
for accommodations."

Carl,  Illinois  (March 2016)


"My wife and I planned a trip to Las Vegas, NV to attend an eCommerce
conference with extra days for dates just for us. We are always on a very
tight budget and we would rather use our money towards Christian
ministry when we have the option (gift towards host family instead of
hotel fees). This has been such a Christ-honoring ministry I'm gushing
with praise, wonder and awe about God working through his church/
people. Kelly (#130357620) and his family (and this whole experience) has
been amazing. We had soo much in common... They are the type of role
models/family one could gladly pattern their life after. They are a good
and true example of the difference that Christ makes in practicing

So... glory, praise, thanksgiving, honor, awe and wonder be to Christ
for blessing us through this family and ministry."

Michael,  Texas  (March 2016)


"I loved staying with my host family 11227930.  They were a great family
and actually serve in ministry through Wycliffe Associates like I do.  They
made me feel very welcomed, have a great separate wing of their house for
guests, and we had some fantastic conversations..."

 Serving Him so that all may hear,
Sandi R,    South Carolina
Wycliffe Associates Global Follow-up Coordinator
(February 2016)



"I would like to let you know how blessed we've been our first time using
your amazing network.

My son (18) was traveling cross-country and needed to overnight along the
way. We simply found a host family in the area we needed. and "the rest is
history"! The family promptly responded to our request and welcomed
Johan like an old friend. Les ( #28878821) & their children spent a
wonderful evening and morning together with Johan, treated him to
wonderful meals, and even sent him on his way with lunch & snacks! It was
a great comfort to me that he did not have to brave a motel who-knows
where by himself. We made some special new friends and heartily
recommend them. THANK YOU for your ministry that made this

God bless,
Anne Marie,  Texas (February 2016)


"At a very busy time in their life, this family in VA  (28006398) opened
their home.  Their open doors were a welcome relief to us after a very
long days travel. We are very,  very grateful for the love and kindness
shown by this wonderful family. "

"Arriving later than expected we were warmly welcomed by this loving
family (12732470). We loved your mash potatoes, meat loaf, it was a great
meal after a long days drive. You were great company and we enjoyed
going to church with your family the next day.  Anyone staying here
please scratch Samuel (the dog) ears for us. 
Thank you, William & Ninette!"

"We arrived at Peter & Karen's (6545175) home and found wrapped
chocolate on our pillows.  How did you know we loved chocolate so much? 
Thank you for allowing us to share our life with you. We did not expect to
stay up till 11pm, time just flew by.  We appreciated joining hands in
prayer with you. You were a blessing to us. Thank you Peter & Karen
(and R-A) for your hospitality

"We stopped at Robin's in VA on the way to Florida.  After 13 hours
of driving we were
welcome by hugs that could melt an iceberg, home
made soup, a warm bed, great conversations and a general feeling of being
at home. Thank you Robin, Chuck and family for a great experience."


Mike & Cheryl, Canada  (February 2016)


"My daughter and I had a delightful stay here (with Daryl and Stacey,
8611942) The bedroom, adjoining rec room and bath were very clean and
comfortable. It was perfect for our getaway. The host family was very
accommodating for our needs, as we came and went.  They were very
helpful in offering ideas and suggestions of local shops and restaurants,
too. They're a sweet Christian family and I'd stay again if they'd have us. "

Kelli, West Virginia (February 2016)


"We visited Astrid (10253352 and her family in December.  What
a JOY it was to be in their home.  Astrid, Bart and the two sons who
were home at the time were perfect hosts.  Meals were delicious and
we enjoyed reading the Bible together after each meal.  They were so
welcoming  and we had such a good time getting to know them,
laughing and praying together.  We would definitely stay again if we
are ever in the area and HIGHLY recommend them to any other
travelers needing a wonderful stay for a night."

JP and Judy, Alexis and Stephanie, Mali  (January 2016)



"We stayed overnight in Milano, Italy at the home of Alisa (13120610)
and, even though she was not home, we enjoyed the hospitality of the guest
hostess.  The apartment is convenient and the hostess welcoming. We were
provided delicious meals for supper and breakfast and made to feel very
blessed by the provision of bed and food for the night. HIGHLY
recommend this home to anyone traveling in Milan."

" We also visited Astrid (10253352) and her family in Belgium back in
December.  What a JOY it was to be in their home.  Astrid, Bart and the
two sons who were home at the time were perfect hosts.  Meals were
delicious and we enjoyed reading the Bible together after each meal. 
They were so welcoming  and we had such a good time getting to know
them, laughing and praying together.  We would definitely stay again if
we are ever in the area and HIGHLY recommend them to any other
travelers needing a wonderful stay
for a night."

Judy, Mali (West Africa),  (December 2015)


"We had a really good visit with a young couple from Germany on
Christmas Eve  (member 30500970) .  It was a blessing to us."

Peter and Karen, Florida (December 2015)


"Judy (member 29594794) and her family from Mali, West Africa came to
stay for one night at our house while they traveled around Europe. They
arrived at dinner time. They are a happy family, bringing joy and laughter
to our house and dinner table. We enjoyed talking to them and hearing
their stories. After an early breakfast they went on to the next country.
Thank you for your visit, it was sunshine to our day. "

In Jesus,
Astrid and family, Belgium (December 2015)


"This letter is to say how much we were blown away by the hospitality of
our host during our brief stay in St Augustine, FL.  Michael  (#28769297)
was a super host.  He came with his son to our worship service, then drive
us to downtown St. Augustine to show us around and buy us dinner, then
walked around with us giving us a tour... then once we arrived to his home,
he had Panera waiting for us for the morning.  Wow!!!
What a phenomenal host. 

Just wanted to let you know how wonderful service and hospitality
Michael and his family gave us. God bless."

♡ In Christ,

Erika and Manny,  Tennessee  (December 2015)



"When my friend, Belinda, and I met up in Regina, Saskatchewan, last
weekend, we were very thankful to be able to stay with Kevin and
Nicole (member# 8895515).  They were so hospitable, giving us the use
of the basement to sleep in and the kitchen to cook in.  We felt right
at home, and were glad to have a nice place to come back to after a
day of sightseeing.  We were also blessed to enjoy fellowship with
them and their lovely children.  They told us about nice places to see
in Regina, and were very helpful in every way.  We had the opportunity
to go to their church as well.  It has been a great experience to meet
fellow believers and share fellowship through this network!"

Jayden, Canada (November 2015)


We were greatly blessed to have met with Bob & Teresa  in Lake Forest,
California this past Friday.  Bob & Teresa invited another hospitality
network family from Laguna Hills, CA., Jan & Jeff and one of their

Our hosts shared a delicious meal with us and we had a joyous time in the 
company of their precious family.
Having fellowship with this dear family 
gave us a foretaste of the warmness of the Thanksgiving spirit. 
shared their stories of their experience hosting other hospitality
network families & we got a good idea of how it all works.  
My husband's
sister, Laura & her husband were very encouraged in their Christian
walk and in their hope to see their 3 adult children come to
saving faith.

This was the picture perfect experience of Christian
hospitality to us, it even came with a real "candle in the window"...  
How extra special! 
We praise & thank God for His beautiful children
and for the love that is shed from Him through each one of them!

Thank you for your ministry, may it keep bearing fruits of praise
to our heavenly father!

Lourdes, California  (November 2015)


"We just spent the night on October 29, 2015 with Faith
and they were very sweet and accommodating to our
rather large family. We enjoyed our conversations over dinner out and
in their beautiful newish home. We visited a precious local church
outreach with them that evening where they were active participant 
of the Biblical program there. They went out of their way to provide
for our night with many sleep options, fresh bed sheets, stacks of clean
towels, and even greeted us when we got there with delicious homemade
brownies and tea. We felt like a part of their family and visited long
into the night. For breakfast, we enjoyed their own farm-raised eggs."

Sheila, Tennessee  (November 2015)

"We have been blessed to be a part of the network. We were just
visited for an overnight stay by Dan (member #29639871). We had a
great time of fellowship. I can't overstate our appreciation for this

Dennis, Virginia (November 2015)


"We had family 29248433 in our home as a last minute trip for
them. They were very flexible with our sleeping options for their large
family. The three boys, aged 4-9, were extremely well behaved and
played well with our daughter. Their teenaged girls loved our
daughter's room and opted to sleep there. We stayed up quite late
talking and encouraging one another. Great family!"

Faithe, Kentucky  (November 2015)


"My daughters and I had such a wonderful time on our college visit tour
trip. We stayed with three different families that are part of A Candle in
the Wind.  They all made us feel at home so much.  We heard their
individual stories. My daughters got to enjoy their kids.  It really added to
our trip.  We visited 4 colleges in less than a week, traveled through 10
states, most twice, visited family in Baltimore and added a day trip to D.C.
Rachel had a lot to think and pray about.  I can't wait to see what God has
 in store.


Donna,   Massachusetts  (November 2015)


We are thankful for your vision and that you have pursued God's
purposes! Many relationships have been forge through your Hospitality
We were able to stay in Dover, Illinois with a family as we
traveled here to New York from Colorado where we lived for many years.
We hosted several Candle In The Window guests at our International
guest house in Arvada, Colorado, which gave a sense of family and
belonging while there.

You are a blessing to us!

John & Glory,  New York  (October 2015)


"Patti & I enjoy the ministry of A Candle in the Window!  Tomorrow we
have a couple coming through NY on their way to ME.  As a Pastor, I am
constantly reminding the members that our church family that being a
part of a church family offers many 'perks' for the community and for
each other.  Coming to church is like a warm embrace of God's love. 
That's how we see your ministry as we travel about. Thank you so much
for making a way for folks to connect, talk, pray, fellowship, and minister
to one another."

Love in Christ,
Jim & Patti Pollock,  New York (October 2015)


     "David and Audrey (5910756) visited us as guests and they were
wonderful. Their children were engaging and well-mannered.  They came
for a quick overnight and expressed their gratitude in generous ways. So
glad they stayed with us!"

Tara, Kansas (October 2015)


"We’ve already been blessed a few times: staying with "new friends”
traveling to the Texas Rio Grande Valley in January, as well as meeting
some “old” ones, too! Let me share our most recent adventure… 

Around mid-June we were contacted by a family from Oregon who would
be traveling to North Carolina in August. Including a link to their family
website, like us, we were pleased to learn that they too were a family band
Whispering Roses! As we greeted each other, it’s as if we were all long
lost friends! From there it got even better: we discovered over dinner that
we knew many of the same families & friends, shared many of the same
interests & philosophies, and just generally “hit it off”! We enjoyed
playing music together, singing, laughing, and all stayed up too late! Upon
their departure the next morning, it was as if we were saying good-bye to
old friends. And now for the bonus: on their return trip, they contacted
us to meet for lunch at a halfway point about two hours away, and
although not all our family could attend, those that did were blessed with
another time of Kingdom Fellowship!

 It’s adventures like this that make A Candle in the Window such a
wonderful ministry. We look forward to stay connected, always! God
bless all you good folks."

Norm,  Missouri  (October 2015)




"We wanted to say 'thank you' to you for organizing  A Candle in the
Window.  We are a missionary family in Kenya (from Canada/USA) with
3 children, and this past June, we spent a couple of weeks in Europe
(France, Netherlands, Hungary and Spain).  We stayed at the homes of two
Candle in the Window families (the L family in France and the E family in
Spain).  Both were incredibly generous and kind to us.  Having the
opportunity to stay with these families not only made our trip more
affordable (always a blessing!) but also more fun and encouraging.  We
felt loved and cared for.

We thank God for you, and for the families we stayed with. 
His love overwhelmed us!

Kim and John , Kenya   (September 2015)


"Hi there,
I am writing to provide feedback for you on several of your host families
with whom we stayed on our recent journeys:

1) Kimberly (10192008)and her family went out of her way to help us in so
many ways during our time in Louisville.  She fed us a marvelous dinner
when we arrived.  We had great fellowship and loved getting to know them
a bit.  Their children were just wonderful!  We are so grateful that Tom
and Kimberly opened up their home to us and we hope to see them again

2) Kelly (26652217)and her housemate were super amazing and
accommodating for us!  Kelly was so kind to let us use her adorable new
room and bathroom. We thoroughly enjoyed getting to meet her and chat
with her a bit.  We highly recommend her as a hostess!

3) Michelle  (10354226)and her family are seasoned and excellent hosts. 
We arrived very late at night and she was so accommodating.  Her kids
gave up their beds for us and were so great to play with our son.  Michelle
made us a lovely breakfast and we had a great time chatting.  We did not
get to meet Randy but look forward to it next time!"

Lauren, Georgia (September 2015)

"Kelly & Jennifer (13035762) are the most wonderful people you will ever
meet. They went above and beyond to accommodate us and were a true
blessing to our family in our time of need. What a light they are to
Christians who need fellowship while traveling and need to surround them-
selves with the presence of God. They had a lovely little guest home that fit
our families needs perfectly."

"Karla and her family (10435837) were so hospitable. They had a warm
and cozy home and very Godly people. It was a delight to spend time with
them and learn from them. It was a blessing to get to know them."

"I had a wonderful time staying with Michele and her family (10428505).
It was fun to see all the coming and goings of a Bible Camp. They had a
lovely private guest room and I enjoyed their wonderful kids! I plan to
stop in again through my travels and visit again."

Tonya,  Texas  (August 2015)


We were very blessed by the hospitality shown us by the C Family
(8885013).  They were very accommodating.  We had planned only to stay
with them on our way to Minnesota.  Our plans changed and we ended up
staying with them again on the return trip from Minnesota.  When we
arrived, we were warmly greeted by the whole family.  Although we did
not know them before we arrived, we left as friends. We really appreciated
the family bible time, which included singing, Bible reading and discussion
and prayer. During our stay, we were able to have meaningful
conversations with them. We definitely recommend this family!"

Cynthia, Illinois  (August 2015)

"The K Family (11809061) stayed with us over 4th of July weekend. It was
so great to have them here!  Their kids instantly bonded with our kids and
they're a super laid back, fun loving and God loving family. It was really
encouraging to hear their vision, as well as receive encouragement for what
God has called us to do here in Chicago with at risk kids. We ended up
spontaneously attending the conference they were putting on in the
Chicago area. Such a great family, you'll be blessed to host them."

Chad, Illinois (August 2015)


"The Z family (27980389) is an amazing family.  Their hospitality is
second to none!  They have a large new home built by non-conventional
construction methods.  J gave me a tour of the house with thorough

We were very blessed by the instant connection we had as believers.  This
family was very generous, friendly and easy-going.  We will remember
their kindness and hope they come to visit us soon! :) 

David, Canada  (August 2015)

"We had a wonderful stay with this very kind young family (Arnstein
and Livia) on our 40th anniversary trip to Norway. They cared for us
wonderfully, and made us feel very much at home. We very much enjoyed
the Christian fellowship with them and getting to know them.  They were
very kind, and their advice made a huge impact on the smoothness of our
travels in their country.  Our thanks to both of them, and to our heavenly

Marco, Italy  (August 2015)
"Had a nice visit with Anneke and her family in Plymouth, WI. We stayed
in the "little house."  It was very cute and comfortable... They were very
gracious and understanding of our late arrival.
Thanks for organizing this
hospitality network!!"

Cathy, Nebraska  (July 2015)


"We are very grateful to be in the hospitality network..."
Ruth, California  (July 2015)
"Thank you! I pray your ministry continues to grow and be a great
blessing to the body of Christ!"

Lourdes,  California  (July 2015)
"We were blessed to stay with this wonderful family (Roy in San Antonio,
10423824) on our way to Arizona this last spring. They were so hospitable,
we thoroughly enjoyed the food they shared, the guesthouse, and mostly
the fellowship. We would definitely recommend them, in fact, we already
have! Our friends who stayed there were blessed as well. We look
forward to seeing them again on future trips!"

Britney,  Alabama (July 2015)

" We stayed with Margie and her husband in June.  They provided beds
and air mattress for all seven in our family.  They were so hospitable and
helpful. Monday morning we were spoiled with coffee,  New York bagels,
and other breakfast options.  They had water bottles and sandwich fixings
we could pack for lunch to take on our outing into New York City. Before
we arrived, they gave us some ideas for traveling into the city. We
appreciate their willingness to take us in for one night."

Kristin, Maryland  (June 2015)
"Thanks so much for accommodating me and for
creating this wonderful service. Praise Him for giving  you the gift of
hospitality, and for using you to carry out his will and show his love!
In Him, for Him,

Janette, Africa  (June 2015)
"Thank you for all you do for the body of Christ!"

  Tracy,  Thailand  (June 2015)
"We had the most wonderful experience hosting a missionary
couple in June...and found out about a job opportunity for our
Sherry, Connecticut  (June 2015)
"I love the idea of your ministry. We host strangers for dinner often in
our home as we have visiting doctors, surgical teams, or construction teams
serving short term here at Loma de Luz. Our family will be on furlough
this summer and it sure would be nice to stay with someone within your
ministry's network.

Marinajo,  Honduras (June 2015)
" Praise God for your family and for what you are doing to connect
Christians all over the world.  Many lasting friendships are being created
because of Candle.

Tomorrow we will welcome a Belgian boy into our house for 2 weeks. 
We stayed at his house when we traveled to Europe..."
Tom, Japan  (June 2015)

"Planning to travel? Would you like to but can't get past the expense of
lodging? Would you like your family to have the privilege of being
hospitable to people from other places and cultures? When we were on the
road for 19 months, there were times when we did not have a "place" to
be, and it was during those times, we would be blessed to find a like-
minded family through this hospitality network." 
James and Shannon,  Alaska  (May 2015)

"I wholeheartedly endorse "A Candle In The Window" network. We have
been blessed to meet Christian families who have stayed in our home as
they travel through our area. We've also met believers who have made
their homes available to us when we were in their area. Check them out!"

David, Virginia  (May 2015)

"Thank you so much for making this website and fellowship possible! 
I'm convinced it was the LORD leading you to do this.  Without a doubt,
countless families will be blessed through this website ministry!"

Melody,  Texas  (May 2015)
"We've been traveling this way for years now since we don't own a travel
trailer now & we've had lots of great times across the nation with the
sweetest of families.  We've been able to return the favor to several family
bands as they came through but hope to host many more families, play
music, share the Gospel &, hopefully, have someone at our house when
we're on the road.

Thank you all for putting this together & serving the body in this way. 
It's been long needed!"

God Bless, 
 Shawn, Texas  (May 2015)

"Just a little note to let you know how much we appreciate the
Candle in the Window Network and all the work you put into it! In 2012,
we were very blessed to meet several Candle families while visiting the US.
Since then we're so glad to open up our home to visitors from all over the
world. It really is a blessing and enriches our life. It's so good to meet like-
minded Christians from all corners of the world and to have fellowship
with each other. Sometimes we had to say 'no' due to our own travels or
just after we moved into our new home (which really is more than 100
years old :), but we're glad we're receiving requests again for this summer.
I didn't look into the directory for more than over a year I think, but what
a surprise! It has grown so much! Also, in Europe! This really is amazing !

Thanks a lot,
Wilma, Belgium  (March 2015)


"... Just wanted to say "hello" and "huzzah" to a great idea!"

Christine, Florida  (March 2015)

"We had a wonderful time with the B family. Their family made us feel
welcome with candlelight, delicious food, accommodations for our travel
schedule, interest in our family and thinking of all the extras to make our
stay enjoyable. The time went by too quickly."

Robin,  Virginia
(February 2015)


"We, Jos (15), Bart and I, spend two nights at Jos and Heidi's (10253936).
We were happy we could visit this wonderful family and go to a wedding
while we were staying at their house. We also went with Heidi and the
children to a chicken farm. Nice to see something from around their place."
God bless you all,
Astrid (10253352), Belgium  (February 2015)
"We, Jos (15) and I, spend a night at Andrea's place (26740638). Jos liked 
it to play games and football with the children. All the children helped
making snacks, dinner and breakfast and were great companions. Andrea
is a sweet and friendly woman, living close to our Lord. They are an
 amazing family."
God bless you all,
Astrid (10253352), Belgium,  (February 2015)   
"In December 2014, we visited Asrid and Bart's family (102533352)
 in Belgium, We enjoyed our time with them very much. Their (almost)
grown up boys are very friendly and good with kids. It was great to see
how much these brothers had together. Also, their willingness and help-
fullness were an example. Astrid is a great cook and we enjoyed her
hospitality and conversations. Unfortunately, Bart was not there, but
when they visited our place in February 2015, we met him also and were
able to enjoy our time together.

Jos and Heidi (10253936) ,
(February 2015)

"We hosted "The Rugclan" family of 12 in January and they were a
delightful gang! They traveled from TX to Arvada, CO  & joined their
2 adult children from CO Springs here. The R family are planning
to be missionaries in the future. Some of their pastors & church friends
came for a Bronco's party& meeting where 23 guests saw the Broncos lose
the playoff game, so still a great day! Will think of them when we burn
the Yellow Roses of Texas candle!"

John, Colorado (January 2015) 
"Jos and Heidi (10253936) visited us recently for two days with
their young children. They are a wonderful family, it was a
pleasure to have them at our house. The children loved to play
with the toys and were very well-mannered. We, our sons and I,
had much pleasure in our conversations with Heidi and Jos.
They are a fine Christian family!"
Tom and Sumiyo (5780630) spent a few days with us. They are
a wonderful family. Their son Roman fitted in well with our boys
and they spend their time with all kinds of sports and games.
Tom is a great cook, our family enjoyed his lunches very much.
We have good Christian uplifting chats to remember with Sumiyo
and Tom. Little Giovanna was a always smiling sweet baby and
we all enjoyed her company. Thank you for your visit to Belgium
and us.
God bless you all."

Astrid,  Belgium    (December 2014)

"We are just finishing up our big tour of the States and we have
used so many candle homes and have had some really great and
interesting experiences. We are in Florida but are further south
until Saturday, then we drive up to Albany, GA.  We still have
three more stops using the website. It has been wonderful to have
a place to go, to not have to find a Hotel, and to meet such a
variety of people!

Thank you so much for setting this service up! We have been
so blessed by it and we look forward to hosting people in our
own home once we are back in Austria!"

In Him, Cathy,  Austria
(November 2014)

"Many thanks from our family for your ministry. We are
currently on a road trip across the US and we have made great
relationships with many brothers and sisters who have hosted us
along the way. May the Lord continue to use your ministry to
restore the needed practice of hospitality in Jesus name. Amen"
Pitania and Nadia, Canada
(November 2014)

"We loved staying with Jeff and Jo Ann (10030274, ND). It was
a short stay but thoroughly enjoyable. Their whole family was
great, very hospitable and generous. They made us feel very
welcomed and comfortable. The fellowship was edifying and we
were encouraged by their faith and intentionally how they
disciple their children. We hope to see them again in this life, and look
forward to spending eternity with them worshipping Christ!"

Seth and Sarah,  Canada
(December 2014)

"We had a terrific time staying with Phil and family (5523422). They live
in a beautiful setting in a very comfortable house. They very hospitable,
giving us plenty of room to sleep in. A hearty dinner and great breakfast
were provided. We enjoyed talking in the living room. Thank you!"
"Chris and Amy in Bozeman, Montana were tremendous hosts! They
were very generous with the space they gave us in their nice home. They
fed us a delicious supper and breakfast and provided very enjoyable

"Our large family seemed small when we were taken into Jeff and Lisa's 
(10275320). They fed us a delicious dinner and a great breakfast. Food
and fellowship were plenty. They gave us great sleeping situations, lots of
card games and warm fellowship."

Ronny and Kathy, Oregon (October 2014)

"We stayed with Erica (10260461) Sept 12th and 13th. We felt 
very welcome in their home. It's a beautiful home and a
beautiful family with warm hospitality and love. We enjoyed the 
fellowship and the delicious homemade pear pie. Great family,
delicious food, warm fellowship, highly recommended!"

"We stayed with Simon (10587772) from September 13-14th.
Fellowship and good conversations about food, faith, and 
loving children. We enjoyed staying at their place and felt
very welcome. They provided a haven of rest in a very busy
weekend. Thank you!"

"We enjoyed a conversational dinner with Alfred (10658541)
on the 19th of September. Delightful house with a bountiful
garden and a very hospitable family. Good conversations while
we prepared food together, warm fellowship during mealtime.
We felt blessed!!"

Kor and Erna,  The Netherlands
(September 2014)


"Thank you so much for running this valuable ministry... We

have been the blessed recipients of accommodations as well as
had the privilege of hosting guests in our home through your
ministry. We are truly grateful for the opportunities on both
ends and are extremely grateful to you for setting this ministry 
in motion and keep it running..."

Sara,  Alaska
(September 2014)


"...You have no idea what a blessing this ministry has been to
our family. It was such a blessing when Mark was sick, and now
that he has passed away, I know I can have the support from
members when I travel again! I look forward to hosting families
too as I am able..."

Linda, South Carolina
(September 2014)


"We had a wonderful visit to the Florida Keys in our Roadtrek
RV! Our hostess, Leslie (#7856044) was very helpful with so
many details even regarding the weather and traffic info that
helped us adjust our travel dates to find the best time to visit. 
She and her son are very knowledgeable about the Keys and
shared lots of historical plus fascinating data. It was like having
our own private tour guides. Sharing our Christian beliefs is
always a highlight of meeting someone for the first time, but
with this family it soon felt like we'd known them longer..."

Sharon, Florida
(September 2014)


"Our family had the pleasure of hosting Dave and his son as
they motorcycled to Alaska. We had a wonderful time getting to
know them and hear of their families and of their motorcycle
adventures! Hoping to meet them again one day..."

Becky, Wisconsin
(August 2014)

           "A Great First Impression of The Netherlands"


"We are thankful for a wonderful stay with J&H in Voorthuizen,
Netherlands. They recommended their market to us and spent 
the afternoon walking through this nice Dutch town. We walked
to their place afterwards where they had a delicious dinner
waiting for us. After supper we went on a walk for ice cream 
together. We enjoyed getting to know them and their children. 
They are very welcoming and we had blessed conversations
with them. In the morning , they took us to a lake... It was a
great first impression of The Netherlands. Its wonderful to meet
brothers and sisters in Christ from around the world. Thank you
J&H! May God bless you and richly repay you for the love you
showed us."

Belinda,   Canada
(August 2014)


"What a blessing M&E (24617702)and children are to us! They
were our First Candle guests and we had a wonderful time
together. We enjoyed hearing about God is leading in their lives
and were encouraged by their obedience to go wherever God
calls them. Their children are energetic and fun to talk and play
with. Hosting them was a lot of fun. Their stay with us went much
too fast. Thanks for stopping by M&E. May God be with you
and use you in building His Kingdom!" 

Belinda, Canada
(August 2014)

"Dear Paul and Jenny,

What a wonderful treat! Paul and Jenny -- you so graciously
and enthusiastically treated us like royalty. You are great cooks
The ride on the boat was fun and we enjoyed swimming in the 
lake that evening. The guestroom was so cozy and you were so
kind to our kids. Thanks for making us feel warmly welcomed
and showing interest in us and our lives."

Daniel and Shelly, Mexico
(August 2014)

"What a treat we had in meeting and staying with Dan, Nancy
and their family! Just so special spending time with them--
having dinner, singing and getting acquainted such a neat
family. This was the biggest blessing--meeting them! In 
addition to this, their guest rooms were so comfortable and

Daniel and Shelly,  Mexico
(August 2014)

  "They shared English history facts with us..."


"M&J are a lovely couple who took good care of us. These
grandparents love the Lord and we are thankful that as
believers we can be united in Christ. They served us a delicious supper
when we arrived, and then we went on a walk to attend a church
service together. We are very blessed. They shared English
history and facts with us and taught us "English". They gave us
advice on what to see in the area and helped us with buses and
trains. They open their home for stays over one night as a B&B
for a reasonable fee which they use for mission trips. The 3 of 
us had comfortable rooms and bathroom. Their home is located 
close to a bus and train station that provides access to a lot of
beautiful places. Our prayer is that God would bless them in
their ministry, as well as repay them for their kindness."

Belinda,  Canada
(July 2014)


"We stayed with member #11562793 in Kentucky in July. The
family was very hospitable, feeding us supper and then breakfast.
We arrived around 5pm from a 10 hour drive. We relaxed, chat-
ted about their years on the mission field, children, etc. It was a
pleasure to meet them and have fellow believers welcome us into
their home."

Kristin,  Maryland
(July 2014)

"We hosted member #13055939 for an overnight last week. It
was a delightful time of visiting, and as our first time of hosting
in three years, an encouragement that the efforts do have

Arielle,  Oregon
(July 2014)

"Candle has enriched my life, deepened my faith and broadened
my horizons. My family and I have made friends in the faith which
we look forward to seeing again--either here in Japan, there over-
seas or in the New Jerusalem. We are so grateful and so blessed
by this ministry. We have been challenged with new languages,
new cultures and new ideas. What an education this is for this
homeschooling family!

Tom,  Japan
(Summer 2014)

"I just wanted to send you an email with some feedback for
Kor & Erna from Franeker, The Netherlands.

Our friends in Franeker stayed with us in Orlando about two years
ago and we thoroughly enjoyed our visit with them.  It is amazing
how like minded we were in our faith, values, and homeschooling
philosophies, even though we live half a globe apart!  Just last week,
our eighteen year old daughter and a friend of hers visited Kor, Erna
& family in the Netherlands and had a wonderful time.  The family
was very warm and welcoming and made them feel right at home."

Thanks Theresa!
Krista,  Florida   (July 2014)

"Last year we stayed with Krista and her family in Orlando  and
last week their daughter and her friend stayed two nights with us.
The two girls were wonderful guests. It was a joyous meeting again
and we enjoyed opening our house for them and hope to meet again
in the future.

Many greetings,
Kor and Erna,  The Netherlands  (July 2014)


"In July 2014, we had our first experience in hosting through Candle in
the Window Hospitality Network. Dave and his son were driving by motor-
cycle up to Alaska and asked to stay the evening at our house. We couldn't
have asked for more interesting people to stay with us! They shared some
of their fun biking stories with us. We were also able to follow the rest of
their trip as they posted beautiful (and funny!) pictures on Facebook. We
look forward to hosting more people in the future and hope to see Dave
and Dave Jr. again one day!"

Becky & Brian (5569193)  Wisconsin  (July 2014)

In the month of July 2014 my son and I made a motorcycle trip from
Cincinnati, Ohio to Alaska. We had the privilege of using A Candle in the
Window program with three different families:
My son and I had many happy experiences on this trip, but spending a
night with the three "Candle families" were some of the neatest
experiences we had. This was
a first for us as well as the families we
stayed with.

Brian and Becky (5569193) in Menomonie, Wisconsin were great hosts for
our first night and they immediately relieved our anxiety of going 
into a strangers home. 
A couple nights later we were graciously received by Ted and Shannon
(6527664) in Alberta, Canada who were in the process of moving, but took
time out 
of their busy schedule to make us feel right at home. Our final
stay was with Paul and Sara (12494391) in Soldotna, Alaska where we
dined on the best fresh halibut I've ever eaten and had a
blast with the
children, especially the twin boys.  

This hospitality program is a very neat idea and it was awesome to make
new friends across the country. I am hoping to get the privilege of using it
again some time, and soon."
Dave,  13286845, West Virginia
July 2014


 "I wanted to tell you that we had the most wonderful time staying
with this family (10585408).  It made our travel to Idaho
such a plea-
This was our first time staying with a family and it was such a
great experience.

Thank you,
Jeanette,  California   (July 2014)

This is Cynthia  (#6143720) and I wanted to leave some feedback
for some of the places that we were able to stay in the past few

#8173788  You experience the love of Christ when you stay at
this home.  We were so blessed by our visit with this family.  The
man of the house is diligent about teaching his family the word
of God and the mom is so joyful.  It was truly a blessing.
#11841652  There is an international flavor at this house.  
They love the Lord and love His people.  The music and family
Bible time were the highlights of our visit.  
10354226  The family is very hospitable and friendly.  We were
very blessed to visit with them.  This is the second time some of
our family has been able to stay with Randy and Michelle.
#5534140  Paul and Jenny are good hosts. We were blessed by the
warm welcome, fellowship and the tasty meal. We enjoyed getting
to know them.
Thanks so much. This is a great network.
Cynthia,  Ohio  (July 2014)  


"We are fairly new to Candle in the Window. We had our first
guests on June 1st. Rod, Emi and children Simon and sweet Edie
were the perfect guests! Wow, incredibly polite and thoughtful. We
really enjoyed having dinner with them and our brief visit together
was precious. Little Edie stole the hearts of our two daughters, Angel
and Camela. They didn't mind staying in one of our RVs, so we were
thankful for that. They are a wonderful family and we hope to stay
in touch with them. :-) "

Melody and Family, Texas
(June 2014)

"We have stayed in the past with David (8852914) and
found it to be VERY enjoyable!!  We would even choose
a trip in northern IL just to visit them again!!
Thank you for a wonderful way to meet new friends!

We also stayed one night with Diane (7071855)
We had a wonderful time there as well. My children and
their children continue to write each other and
are enjoying a long distance relationship. 

Good times!!
Christy, Georgia  (June 2014)


"Hello,  We recently stayed with several
“Candle” families:

 Member 13031765: We were blessed to stay with this
 family.  Their home is so peaceful, and filled with
 lovely Christian children.  The accommodations were
 very comfortable, the food was delicious, and we look
 forward to the next time our paths cross! 

 Member 10268595: We enjoyed our visit with the S.
 family.  Our trip saw some delays and they
 graciously waited up for us.  We were blessed to enjoy
 the musical talent of the family, audio books created by one
 of the sons, and delicious meals. The littlest member of the
family is a ball of joy and sunshine all rolled into one !!

 Member 13035762: This family is a Godly light in
 the middle of Las Vegas! They have a separate guest house
 and they treated us to delicious meals.  We enjoyed a
 wonderful time of fellowship and music.  
Member 5951304: If you want to experience the
 beauty of God’s creation and get away from the
 distractions of everyday life then stay with this wonderful
 family.  We have been blessed to stay here and enjoy
 the privacy of our own cabin. We have known this family
 since before they joined A Candle in the Window.  They
 are more like family than friends. 

 Member 6143720: We were able to enjoy a time of
 Bible study and music with this sweet family.

 Diane, Kentucky  (June 2014)

"Last month we had the opportunity to receive Tom and
Sumiyo (5780630) together with 2 of their children, Roman
and Giovanna. We were so glad we could open our home and
hearts for them. They’re a really nice family with lots of
stories to tell. It was so good to see blend all the cultures
together and to pray together in the Name of Jesus. They were
 lovely guest and very flexible and helpful. They were a nice
 family and we certainly would love to have them another time.

And you, Theresa, thank you so much for giving us the possibility to
connect with people from all over the world.

Blessings from Belgium,
Wilma,  Belgium   (June 2014)


"We were so blessed with the time of fellowship we were able to
spend with our 1st ACWHN guests. We are looking forward to
keeping in touch with them. I wanted to share a sweet picture of our
littles loving on our guests, Sheldon and Doris, whom we met
through your ministry."

Daphney, Florida (May 2014)


"I spoke with you this week...we recently joined A Candle in the
Window (from Dallas)... I just wanted to encourage you and tell
you an amazing story connected with your ministry:
I recently emailed a missionary in Granada asking to stay two
nights while in Spain. He was very open to it...and at the end of
his email added a PS...that he was actually in Dallas on business
until May 30, Wasn't that funny? That was Thursday (yesterday)
 I emailed back asking if he needed a place to stay or would he
like to come for dinner. He only had one night open...Friday
(tonight). We were open as well. We had the best dinner at our
house. He is a delightful man planting a church in Granada ... 
We so enjoyed having him for dinner and now look forward to
seeing our new friend while in Granada in November. I think it
is amazing how God answers our prayers when we don't even
really know what we are praying for.

Thank you for all that you and your family do."
Jill,  Texas  (May 2014)
" We also stayed one night with Diane (7071855). We had a
wonderful time there as well. My children and their children
continue to write each other and are enjoying a long distance
relationship.  Good times!!" 
Christy,   Georgia (May 2014)

"Martin and Yvette (10264161) are a wonderful Christian
couple. We've all enjoyed their great yard, house and hospitality
 We enjoyed Good Friday together and shared the Lord's sup-
per together. This is a very friendly family, that lives closely
with the Lord. Their children are a great testimony, especially
the oldest. We highly recommend them
We had a great time in The Art Factory with Rick and Mary
Beth (9402007). The conversations and their hospitality were
awesome. With Easter we met other guests at the large Easter
meal they hosted and they even organized an egg hunt for the
kids. We love their creative, upcycled projects. The Art Factory
is an amazing place to stay. Our children enjoyed the yard and
the atmosphere very much also. I hope we can go back there in
the future.
Our first Candle in the Window experience was with this great
family from Japan (5780630). They visited us in April 2014 and
we loved it. They are very friendly and helpful. Tom is a great
storyteller, Sumiyo is very friendly and helpful, their teenage son
is a great friend for children, and their toddler is just adorable
and so sweet. We keep contact with them and we are glad that
we know them. We thank them
 for stirring up our fire to visit
other Candle families also!
Heidi, The Netherlands   (April 2014)
"Your ministry has already had a tremendous positive impact
on our family. I originally signed up for A Candle In The
Window last year when we could not afford housing for the Missouri
CHEF conference. Through your ministry we met and stayed
with Kurt and his family, and became fast friends. We have been
back to stay with them three additional times, and have stayed
in touch on a regular basis.
We will use A Candle in the Window every time we travel, and
we recommend it to all our Christian friends who are traveling.
Also, my wife, Janet just wrote an article about A Candle in the
Window for the up coming FCM Newsletter."
With MUCH Appreciation for the ministry,                                          
Carl H and Family
Illinois  (April 2014)

 " Melissa (12447831) and her children stayed with us and we
enjoyed a great time together. Lots of fun playing and sharing
what God is doing in our lives. So glad to see a mom committed
to raising her children up in the nurture and admonition of the

Dan and Kim
Missouri  (April 2014)


"Hello Friends.... I am so thankful to be a part in this beautiful
network. I hope you all like it too...."

India  (April 2014)

"A few weeks ago, we got back from a 22 day, four country trip
to Europe. While there, we enjoyed fellowship with 5 'Candle'

What a growing time with our Lord we spent while enjoying
fellowship with Astrid, Bart and two of their seven children
(10253352) in Belgium.  We are certain we will be lifelong
friends, and will also enjoy spending eternity with them.  Their
son Jos is planning on staying with us for a time here in
Kakegawa City, Japan.  We love this family!


 We think that Heidi and Jos (10253936)  ) in The Netherlands,
are two of the best young Christians we have ever met.  We very
much enjoyed our time with this family.  We spent two relaxing
days with them.  We wholeheartedly recommend this family.
  They're great!



Wilma and family
(6637013) in Belgium
showed us the best of
Christian hospitality.  They
even introduced us to tips
to make our homeschool-
 more effective and
less expensive.  We
enjoyed our two nights with
this family very much.
 We highly recommend


Kor and Erna (6782393) in The Netherlands are great examples
for anyone who wants to see the results of disciplined
homeschooling.  Their family, especially the mother Erna, is a fountain
of knowledge.  We enjoyed our stay there and open our house to
them should they travel to Japan. 
We had the excellent
opportunity to stay with Corine and Abraham (10033517) in Belgium.
What a cool family!  We enjoyed the food and fellowship.  We
even had spent an evening at the Irish pastor's house enjoying
coffee and cookies.  We would love to see this family again! 


 Tom  and Sumiyo  (5780630)
 Japan  (April 2014)


"We just hosted a couple who was on a weekend getaway since
their kids were on a youth trip. They were from VA and just
hopped over the border to spend a couple of nights with us. Had
a great time of fellowship with them. They surprised us with
some of the best tasting mangos and a special bread fresh from
their local bakery. We enjoyed spending time with them and
look forward to meeting their sons on their next trip."

Kelly and Walt
West Virginia   (April 2014)


"We had a lovely visit with Connie and Mark (7594946) in
Slaughter, LA, back in late February, 2014, as we were traveling
through that state on our missionary furlough. They offered us
warm hospitality and conversation over a homemade dinner and
breakfast with them and their children and a comfortable bed
for the night, with adjoining washroom. We appreciate that so

"We had a lovely visit with the V family in Kansas City
(10709416) back in February, 2014, as we were traveling
through that state on our missionary furlough. They offered us
warm hospitality and conversation over dinner and breakfast
with them and their children and a comfortable bedroom for
sleeping. We were well cared for and made some friends. We
appreciate that so much."

"We enjoyed our overnight visit with a member in Columbia,
South Carolina, Debra (5345815)  Since we work in Asia, it was
fun learning her international connections and about her life in
SC too. She provided cooked dinner and breakfast with warm
conversation, as well as a comfortable bedroom and bath access.
We appreciate that so much."

Maurice and Roslyn   (11293180)
Phnom Penh, Cambodia   (April 2014)


 "Just wanted you to know that it had been almost a year since
anyone had stayed with us through ACITW.  Then, we got 2
requests in a week - and one of those couples ended up staying
with us again on their way back through going the other way.

We're meeting really quality people and enjoying interacting
with others. We just wanted to say thanks again for following
the call to start "Candle" as it has enriched our personal lives
and broadened our children's scope of the world."

John & Amy
Lifetime Candle members
Colorado   (April 2014)

"This weekend Tom and Sumiyo (5780630) stayed with us. We
had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the coming together of four
different cultures (Japanese, American, Dutch and Frisian).
How wonderful to share the same foundation: Christ!"

Kor and Erna, (6782393)
The Netherlands
April 2014


"We would sincerely like to say that all of our Candle in the
Window experiences have been fantastic. On our most recent
trip, it really ended up being one of the highlights:

5534140 Jen and Paul were so warm and welcoming and had
surprises for our boys that they are still talking about. The
meals were fantastic and they went above and beyond to make
them friendly to our diet. We hope to keep in touch with them.

6725799 Mike, Ginger, Matt and Aaron all were very friendly.
We wished we had more time with them. We think we may have
to go on a vacation just to visit them. Both of us being farm
families we had much to talk about. Their hospitality was a
welcome gift after a long day on the road. 

9448432 David, Lynn, Lauren, and Kate We had a delightful
stay with them and hope to see them again. We were late in
arriving, but they kindly waited for us and we enjoyed a
wonderful meal with great conversation. Laughter and learning
abounded and their home made us feel like we were at home.

Thank you very much,
Jake, Heather, Enoch, Roman, and Eden,  #11346129
Wisconsin  (April 2014)


"Our first use of your network in Indiana was a wonderful
experience, and we still wait for our first chance to extend
hospitality to someone."

Beth,  Illinois   (March 2014)


"My son and I stayed with members #6165232 (in Colorado

We were so blessed by this family.  They were so welcoming. 
We were able to share in their evening walks, family fellowship
and excellent conversation.  The scenery was amazing too."

 Kenli, Wisconsin   (March 2014)

 "My children and I have been blessed by this network as we
road trip from NY to California.  I have feedback for a few

My children and I had a wonderful visit with the musically
talented D family (7071855) They were wonderful hosts.  We
had a great time getting to know them and their girls.


What a pleasant family (9448432). My children and I were blessed
to stay with this family. Their grown daughters were wonderful with
my young children.  We had a great time of fellowship during our
night stay in their cozy home.


What an amazing family (11195177) that demonstrated true
hospitality and the love of Christ.  I cannot say enough good things
about this family. Our children got along marvelously and I
thoroughly enjoyed my time conversing with JJ and Laura.


Sandie is wonderful (8620693). She has a big heart and welcomed my
4children and I with a huge smile.  We enjoyed wonderful meals with
her and Reagan, her super cute dog.  Our trip to St. Louis was
thoroughly enjoyable.

I am so glad we visited this family (10033900).  We had a
wonderful time getting to know them and their children.  Kim made
a wonderful dinner, Dan entertained all the kids with water
balloons after first leading a time of Bible reading and discuss-
ion.  They sent us off with
lunch-to-go the next day.  Their
hospitality and lively conversation makes you yearn for a longer
visit.  Hope to cross paths with them again in the future.”

Melissa,  New York   (March 2014)


"We have just enjoyed an evening and morning with Melissa
(312447831) and her four children who stayed with us during
their travels through TN.  The children ages 2, 5, 6, 8, were a
pleasure to have in our home for conversations, laughter and
blessed by hearing how they are being taught by the Lord.  We
are grateful to have been included us on their travel stops and
look forward to our next visitors.

Thank you for running the Candle in the Window and be
encouraged that the Lord is using your efforts for His glory."

Keep to the path,
David & Lynn , (9448432) 
Tennessee  (March 2014)


Heard about A Candle in the Window) "at a NCFCA Speech
and Debate League tournament being held in Overland Park,
KS ( a suburb of Kansas City). I was judging a round of
informative speeches and that is where I heard of your ministry…
I think you have come up with a great idea and glad we heard
about it. Take care."

Jane,  Missouri   (March 2014)


 "God bless you on this fine business / fellowship network you've

Ted and Shannon,  Canada   (February 2014)


 "Greetings to you in Christ from Argentina where I have been
part of a hospitality house ministry to young adult international
backpacker travelers/friendship evangelism for the past 4
months. Since being here, God has been at work more than ever
raising up workers to reach these travelers.  We have a
conference set in Amsterdam March 21-23 2014...
I am actually really
tired, and sense that with the 
conference coming up and other
things happening with more and more people wanting to become
involved in ministry in different parts of the world, that the
spiritual side of things is heating up.  Would value your prayers and
praying I will have some great and refreshing fellowship with
God's people through CITW."

Much love and prayers
George,    Canada   (February 2014)
"ps... Would be great to some day meet you all this side of
eternity, if the Lord wills...

"Melody & Joe & their 2 daughters, age 9 & 10, stayed here in
Arvada, CO for an evening.
We could not believe the timing &
the things that we all had in common...
We had a great dinner
together & breakfast the next morning, even though they had
insisted on meals not being part of the plan. After a long night
& having a tire to change & replace, they were just so happy to
be here for the night & to have dinner with us too! Costco was
just down the road where their tire needed to be replaced! So
convenient & a blessing for them to return home… We have
new friends in NM & may stop by to see the Brown family when
traveling to our ministry site in Window Rock, AZ & Gallup,
NM later this year!"

John and Glory,  Colorado   (February 2014)

We have been very satisfied.  We've had guests in our home
and we have been guests in the homes of others.  Each time it
has been a mutually edifying experience.  Thank you so much
for making these opportunities available."

Janna,  Nebraska   (January 2014)

  "We had the opportunity to stay with the V family (10709416) in
Kansas City in November of 2014. We arrived as a troop of six
(2 adults,4 children) and were warmly welcomed by Katie and
here 2 adorable, inquisitive daughters who were a little under
the weather. Her husband, Nathan, was away working and when
all logic would completely say, "No guests at this time!", we
were still brought into this wonderful home and had a great
night of fellowship. Our children were very much at ease and
had a lot of fun doing arts and crafts around the living room
table the next day and upon Nathan's (husband) arrival, began
to see what a faithful family this was. Our conversations were
deep and of the Lord as we broke bread together and the joy of
The Lord was evident as the evening went on. There is a hunger
for God's kingdom in this family and it is evident in their
hospitality and desire to love others and have relationship with
God's people. Stop by the V and I'll bet you will be affected by
a family that wants to serve others!!"

Melodie,  Canada   (January 2014)


"Any positive feedback we give for the D family in Switzerland
would not do them justice! They have become like part of our
own family. There were four of us planning a (partial) family
trip through Europe, so we correspond with them a month or
more before departure. Their responses were prompt and
welcoming.  During the 3 days we spent with their family (3
wonderful boys included), accommodations were more than
comfortable and their hospitality was more than gracious. After
less than 24 hours, we felt like we had known this family for
years! We enjoyed the breath-taking surroundings of the Swiss
countryside, relaxed and grilled at their home, went swimming
in the local river that runs through town, climbed at a ropes
course in the mountains, and so many more memorable active-
ties. Most of all, we felt blessed to get to know such a beautiful
Christian family in another part of the world. We love the D's
and we are already coordinating their visit to our home in
Missouri for 2014!"

Paul,   Missouri  (January 2014)

"Our time with the H family in Kandern, Germany was
wonderful! As a family who is also passionate about and takes part in
the fine arts (especially painting and music), we thought "The
Art Factory" was an incredible way to connect with Christians
and non-Christians alike in a loving and safe atmosphere where
artistic expression can manifest itself in a variety of forms. Such
a cool building, family, and vision! Mary Beth's cooking was
exquisite, and we enjoyed hiking and working in the garden with
Rick. Overall, such an incredible experience that we could not
recommend too highly! Thanks for such a lovely time in the
Black Forest region of Germany! We pray that God allows your
vision of "The Art Factory" to come to completion, and that it
continues to be a blessing for many others in the years to come"

Paul,   Missouri  (January 2014)


"We stayed with 8611942 right before Christmas.  They were
extremely hospitable and kind.  We were traveling through on
our way to visit relatives for the holidays.  They made us a
delicious dinner when we arrived, and shared their home-baked
Christmas goodies with us.  Both families contributed talent
toward a mini-concert in the evening.  Their 3 kids played the
piano, banjo, and fiddle; while our kids played the piano, cello,
and viola. 

Spending time with their family was a joy.  The next morning
we had to leave early.  They got up to make us a hot breakfast
and send us off, which was totally going above and beyond in
generous hospitality."


Kristin,  Maryland   (December 2013)


"We really enjoyed the hospitality of the B family (10585408)!
They shared fellowship, food, home, and toys!! Meeting them
was a highlight of our trip! "   


Michelle, Kansas    (December 2013)

"We spent a night at the B's (10218387) house last week and
wanted to say that they are a wonderful Christian family
dedicated to serving the Lord. They prepared a nice breakfast for
us and were very welcoming and hospitable."

Galina, Kansas    (December 2013) 



"We had the opportunity to stay with V family in Kansas City
in November of 2014. We arrived as a troop of six(2 adults,4
children) and were warmly welcomed by Katie and here 2
adorable, inquisitive daughters who were a little under the weather.
Her husband, Nathan, was away working and when all logic
would completely say, "No guests at this time!" We were still
brought into this wonderful home and had a great night of
fellowship. Our children were very much at ease and had a lot
of fun doing arts and crafts around the living room table the
next day and upon Nathan's (husband) arrival, began to see
what a faithful family this was. Our conversations were deep
and of the Lord as we broke bread together and the joy of The
Lord was evident as the evening went on. There is a hunger for
God's kingdom in this family and it is evident in their hospitality and
desire to love others and have relationship with God's people. Stop by
the V family and I'll bet you will be affected by a family that wants
to serve others!!"

Melodie,  Canada  (November 2013)


 "I just wanted to offer some feedback on member number
10452082 in Kearneysville, WV.  We recently stayed a couple of
nights with these sweet folks while attending a three day art
class for our kids.  They gave us the top floor of their house
our family and were very accommodating.  They made us feel
very welcome, and we enjoyed great conversation with them.  
The kids enjoyed hanging out together as well.  We'd go back
again if the need came up.  We had a great time!"


 Walt and Kelly, West Virginia    (November 2013)                          


"I came across ACITWHN about a year ago and I joined... It
was a no-brainer.
We still haven’t hosted anyone overnight,
because of schedule conflicts; however, the second
couple who asked for hosting added somewhere in their
introductory letter, “We’re missionaries in Columbia."

That was interesting. Because at that very time, I was
researching Colombia for a book I was writing.
I wrote back,
“ Maybe we could have you for supper? I’m writing a book on
Colombia, and I would love to hear more about your mission work

I had already outlined the book. It was #5 in the Hidden Heroes
Missionary Stories series,
Lights in a Dark Place: True Stories
of God at Work in Colombia.
I had chosen true stories from
several obscure missionary books, stories I had dug out like a
miner digging for buried treasure.
Tim, the missionary, wrote
 back asking, “What books are you using for your research?”

When I told him, he said, “My parents worked with some of
those people. My mother wrote about them. One of those books
you’re reading is based on stories from my mother.”

 He was a second generation missionary. He was born in
They came to our house and told us story after story.
Then Tim showed a video from an ancient reel-to-reel that his
parents had made in Columbia when they went there in 1937.
What a priceless experience.

 One of the stories Tim told me became the second half of
chapter one of Hidden Heroes #5:
Lights in a Dark Place:
True Stories of God at Work in Colombia.
It’s due out in the
fall of 2014.
Thank you, Candle in the Window, for connecting us."

Rebecca,  South Carolina   (September 23, 2013)


"We stayed this past weekend with Randy and Michelle 
What a gracious host family! We didn't arrive until
9:30pm and they had an early and busy next morning, but
gladly welcomed us anyway. The family has some great life
experiences to share and we enjoyed learning from them very
Dan & Kim, Missouri, 10033900  (September 23, 2013)


"We just got back from our trip to MO and stayed with Joyce's
family (7135638) in Shiloh, IL.  You recommended we contact
them and we had a GREAT visit with them.  They are the nicest
family.  We've never been hosted before and couldn't imagine a
better situation.  Since we are a large family, I know that it can
be daunting to accommodate so many people, but they did it
with ease. We had a wonderful time with them in the evening
and terrific meals. It was wonderful.
We've had quite a good time with Candle recently.  We hosted a
piano duo from Chicago and had a great evening with them at
our home.  We also had a family from Texas stay with us a few
months ago.  Next month we have a missionary to China and
another family from KS scheduled.  Our children enjoy looking
forward to the visits and it is so much fun to connect with other
people we would never otherwise meet.

Thanks for your work in the Candle network.  I tell people
about it often because I think most Christians should consider
hospitality more seriously than maybe most have..."

George,  Ohio    (September 16, 2013)



"I want to thank you so much for making this concept happen!! 
  This has been a burden in my heart to invite people to share
their life with us.  I am from a different distant land, where
hospitality is so vital to us.   My parents taught us to share what
we have with others, especially missionaries.   So, I thank you
this and may the Lord bless you for this."

Don,  Oregon  (September 2013) 




"Man, we had a great time with this family (6460797) in Aurora, Colorado!
 What a nice family.  We were actually given an evening musical performance
after a tasty dinner.  We look forward to developing our friendship with this
great Christian homeschooling family.  Each of the children, and of course,
the mother, is an inspiration to my family."

Tom,  Japan   (September, 2013)




"We recently received the blessing of staying with the C family
on our way home from Beaver Island.  Every once in a great
while, you meet somebody new, and it just seems like you have
been friends for years.  This was the case for us.
This family 
went out of their way to welcome us.  We have some special
dietary needs, which they graciously accommodated.  We en-
joyed our time together a great deal, and are looking forward
to any future opportunities to get together again.

Paul & Jenny,  Indiana  (August 24, 2013)


"What a tremendous pleasure it was having these amazing godly
students (Eve and Stephen, 9696364) in our home.  Listening to
life stories and sharing common interests of homeschooling, faith
and family was so encouraging. Stephen and Eve were not a
moment's trouble, but a great joy to spend the evening with,
jumping in at any opportunity to help, displaying servant's
hearts. Hearing about their incredible adventures around the
world and updates on the work of God around the world was
not only interesting and exciting, but so obviously a preordained
plan orchestrated by the Holy Spirit! Parting brought tears to
my eyes because of the sweet witness of the Holy Spirit that had   
graced our visit. I am sure we will meet again and will be able
to use our connections in many years to come! Thank you CITW
for this amazing ministry!"

Dominic,  Kentucky   (August 20, 2013)



"Pastor and Mamma gave us the most whole-hearted, kind,
generous, loving hospitality anyone could hope for - even from
dearest friends, never mind perfect strangers!  Their home simply
bursts at the seams with God's love. They made use a super
wonderful, huge meal, gave us gift baggies, and even hand-drawn
welcome signs. They shared incredible fellowship with us,
swapping testimonies and encouragement from God's Word.
The stay with them was a true gift, the memories of which we'll
long, fondly remember!"

 Eve,  Massachusetts,  (Aug 17, 2013)


"We are excited at the prospect of being members of ACWHN...
It will be a blessing to serve the body of Christ as hosts, and a
joy to get to know our brothers and sisters in Him as guests."

Thanks again, and God bless,

Donna, for the Walker Family,  Australia  (August 10, 2013)


"We were blessed to stay with this wonderful family (Joe and
Jeanette 7534029)  We were treated with wonderful meals and
fellowship.  We were even able to take part in their family
devotional time.  We look forward to the next time we can stop
in Topeka, KS."

Diane,   Kentucky  (August 2013)


"We enjoyed getting to know and fellowship with Brian and his
 family (9872699) near Bismarck, ND.  They took time out of
their busy farm life to prepare delicious meals for us and give
us a comfortable nights stay! "


Brant,  Shenyang, China  (July 2013)


" I'd like recommend Arden and her family of Grants Pass,
Oregon to any Candle members wishing to visit Southern

 10 months ago my family and I had the wonderful opportunity
to have dinner with them while on a brief visit to my home state.  
Before leaving Japan on a couple of occasions we were able to
Skype with Arden  and enjoyed our conversations with her.  
Along with the delicious dinner, we were really inspired as home-
schooling parents.  This family has successfully homeschooled 

all their children and the results of the Biblical investment

 they made in them are their parent's legacy.  Thanks to their

artistic daughter, the home decoration is truly a slice of Amer-

icana.  Their home is something to behold!  After dinner we 

were astonished by the musical talent of the family.  We were

treated to a few songs.  We left with heavy hearts as we wanted

 to spend much more time with this Godly and intelligent family. 

 Our dinner and fellowship with them was THE highlight of our

 stay in Oregon."

In Jesus,

Tom and family,     Kakegawa City, Japan  (July 2013)



"I can't put into words how thankful I am that you and your
family have created this CANDLE IN THE WINDOW Hospital-
ity program.  Yes, inexpensive housing is a big blessing BUT
EXCITED ABOUT!  Theresa, that is what you and your family
are enabling through your wonderful organization!!!!  

Thank you soooo much!"

Steven and Kimberly,  Missouri  (July 2013) 




" I am loving hosting people in my home. So far I have had three
different groups; unfortunately a couple of people who are going
to stay this summer had to cancel or we missed connecting. But
I'm really enjoying this and I thank you for this ministry that you
are providing to people. It has given me the opportunity to have
the bed and breakfast that I dreamed of 30 years ago"


Sandie,   Missouri   (July 2013)



"My family had an awesome time with Sandie (8620693). She
has a warm heart and is a gifted hostess. She has a beautiful
home and enjoys visiting with people. St Louis is a adventure-
filled town and well worth the visit...
Excellent fellowship during breakfast and a friendly send off
prayer during our departure.

She was our first network visit, and all other homes will be
judged by the very high standard that she set. (Our family will
use her as a model for our own in-home hospitality.)"

Mike and Sarah,   Washington   (July 2013)



"We hosted our first guests (member # 9876912) as they trav-
eled through our area on a cross-country trip. It was a delightful
visit and our children also enjoyed having other children over
for an evening of fun. We look forward to many more encounters
with good fellowship."

Denny and Ruthy,  Virginia  (July 2013)




"What a blessing to stay with this family (9702180) and get to
know them! They have a great heart for hospitality and serving
and the whole family was an absolute delight. We did not know
the family at all before the visit and now have some great new

Dan and Kim,  Missouri   ( June 2013)


"We very much enjoyed our overnight stay with member  
8620693. Very accommodating and plenty of options for evening
activities. Great to get to know our host and have a wonderful
and uplifting visit."

Dan and Kim,  Missouri  (June 2013)



"Our first guests arrived!! We had a delightful visit with the O
family (#8936434) who stayed with us last night on their 5 week
journey to visit their ministry partners. The fellowship was
sweet and our time ended all too quickly. We said goodbye and
hope that our paths will cross again."

Sherri,   Alabama   (June 2013)




"Our application is pending, but we wanted to tell you what an
inspired vision we believe you have. Throughout our fifty plus
years of marriage we have demonstrated hospitality and
encouraged others to do the same. We have also been the recipients
of hospitality in many different countries.


Thanks for what you are doing. May God continue to expand
the Network and may much fruit abound for the glory of our
Lord Jesus Christ. Well done!"


In Christ's love,

Richard & Marguerite,  Florida   (May 2013)



"I'd say my first use of A Candle in the Window was a great
smashing success! And I hope our host and hostesses, who had
us as their first guests, feel the same way! 

Dave and Sharon  treated my mom, my sister, and me like royal
guests!  They went out of their way to make sure that we had
everything we needed on a busy visit to the area for a nephew's
wedding. I really appreciated their flexibility in meal
preparation times and in our coming and going times due to family
obligations. Sharon, thank you for staying up late and getting up
early to make extra-special food items to cater to dietary
restrictions!  Dave, thank you for setting a calm peaceful
environment with your worshipful guitar playing and singing!

We so enjoyed their kindness, joyful spirits, and servant hearts.
We arrived strangers, but quickly kindled a friendship that left
us hoping we'll cross paths again someday.

Thank you so much A Candle in the Window for setting up this
opportunity for us to travel on a tight budget and make friends
in the process."

Rhonda,   Indiana  (April 2013)


"We stayed with the K family (8536692) in Denmark two weeks
ago and it was a blessing. We very much enjoyed the
conversations over dinner and coffee table and appreciated all the
effort that was put into the meals and sleeping facilities. We could
our journey to Norway into two shorter stretches, which worked
very well for our youngest of 2. We wholeheartedly recommend
the K family for other members."

Kor and Erna,  The Netherlands (April 2013)


"What a refreshing oasis this home( 6848749, Forney, TX) was
on our journey!  This family was so gracious as well as a delight
to get to know!  We enjoyed the camaraderie and fellowship

James and Deb, Texas (March 2013)


"A great time seemed to be had by all!! Four ladies,
representing 3 generations traveled from Kentucky to Elbow Road !!
What joy they brought us!! Almost daily their time was spent at
Mayo Clinic...  We loved the experience... We also have mutual
friends in Kentucky!! Amazing how paths cross!! Thank you for
sharing your vision with me!! With love and great appreciation
for this opportunity."

Karen,   Florida   (March 2013)





"We just wanted to let you know that we stayed with two 
different A Candle in the Window member families (8551723 and
7245129) during our recent travels to Florida and that we have
been received with warm hospitality and fellowship. We are very
grateful for these families for having opened their houses to our
family. We wholeheartedly recommend them."

Warm regards,
Kor and Erna,  The Netherlands   (February 2013)


"In September on our 8000 KM (5000 mile) driving trip across
3 weeks we stayed with families in Chicago, a farm in Iowa
(Wellsburg, I believe), and with families in Mitchell S.D. and
Bozeman Montana...  We're still waiting for American visitors
up here in the great white north.:-)"

Ted and Shannon,      Alberta, Canada    (February 2013)


 "Not sure if Tom (from Japan) shared this photo with you, but
it was fun to have people represented from Guatemala, the U.S.,
Liberia, and Japan at our table... Lots of kids - and fun sharing
stories of life and culture from two different continents. We even
got to sample some Japanese candy.
It wouldn't have been
possible to expand our children's experiences in this unique way
had it not been for A Candle in the Window!"

John and Amy, Colorado (November 2012)




"We had Tom and Sumiyo  and their two children from Japan
over for dinner last month while they visited Oregon to see his
family. It was a delightful evening getting to know them better.
They were able to attend a church in Central Point based on our
recommendation and they were blessed to be in this small
congregation of homeschool families. Tom said he wept when
sharing with them what an encouragement it was to worship with
homeschoolers, as there are so few in Japan who do so. We
found the time together far too short and would have loved to
have them stay overnight! Thank you for getting us together
with them through CITW.

In Christ,

Arden,  Oregon  (November 2012)


"We recently had a family of 9 (7 kids under 12) contact us last
minute and ask if they could come stay with us that evening for a
couple of days. I was a little hesitant at first because I wasn't
sure how I'd be able to feed everyone with our end of month
food budget & our crazy busy schedule with our 5 kids during
those 2 days! However, I prayed about it and agreed. God was
so BIG! Seemed like every time we made a meal, everyone was
full & there were tons of leftovers! :) Umm, maybe it was my
cooking? We had plenty of food & lot's of amazing fellowship!

The H family are outstanding house guests! I had an emergency
about an hour after they arrived & had to leave them at my
house alone & felt very comfortable doing so. All the kids were
very polite and well behaved. What a testimony to the parents
& to God. When they left 2 days later, I felt as if a piece of my
heart was taken with them.

A Candle in the Window has created an amazing bond with
perfect strangers! Thank you for this ministry!"

CJ,   Texas   (November 2012)




"My husband and I had to be in Charlottesville, VA for an un-
expected doctor's appointment this week. Our host family
(member 8291261) was kind enough to open up their home to us
to stay the night before the appointment. We enjoyed talking
with them and found out that we had much in common; they are
a sweet Christian family. The apartment above their garage was
very clean and suitable for our needs. Our experience was
wonderful in every way. We would highly recommend them for folks
passing through the Charlottesville area."

Walt and Kelli,  West Virginia  (November 2012)



"I wanted to let you know that we stayed with the B family in St
Albans, WV and had a delightful visit with them. They were so
kind and gracious... This stay was a blessing in so many ways.
Thank you, thank you, thank you for your ministry!"

Hal and Melanie,  Raising Real Men  (November 2012)


"We had our first CITW guests come to stay with us last night!
What a wonderful time of food and fellowship! Thanks for
creating this network that creates opportunities for us to meet
people from all over the world!"

Shannon, via Facebook (October 2012)


"We had a long trip across country this year from the east coast
all the way to the west. We got to stay/visit with 6 different
Candle in the Window families. It was an experience I wouldn't
trade for anything. The drive itself was so diverse and beautiful
but the families were just as much, yet at the
same time, we were
all united under Christ."

Amy, Ontario, Canada  (October 2012)


"Recently we had our first  wonderful experience with "A
Candle in the Window." We stayed with the V family in Dresher,
PA. We were so blessed to have them available to us. They took
both of our college daughter's (and us for one night also) at two
different times this past month. One daughter was picked up at
the train station by them as well. It gave me great comfort to
know my daughter's were in a safe place instead of a hotel
alone. I highly recommend this ministry as well as the V
family. "         

Margie,  New Jersey   (October 2012)


"We just wanted to mention our stay with family 5355409.  We
enjoyed our delicious meals and our time of Christian fellow-
ship. The couple was very friendly and accommodating. Their
children were easy playmates for our children. Even though we
arrived late, our meal was hot and the conversation easy going.
Christ is definitely the center of this home. What a refreshing
visit, we arrived as strangers and departed as friends. " 

Paul, Texas  (October 2012)


"Thank you for starting such a useful and helpful service for
believers in the Lord!" 

Tim and Franicia, Florida (Oct 2012)



"I just wanted to send a quick note to tell you about another
wonderful “A Candle in the Window” member. We stayed with
Fred and Marie (member #6854044) on our last trip. They
hosted us on our way to OK and then again on our way home.
Theylet our girls borrow games on the first visit and then return
 them when we came back!  We enjoyed the morning devotions
at breakfast and the great fellowship. They even sent us away
with unbelievable gifts! Thank you for starting
A Candle in the

Diane,  Kentucky   (September 2012)


"In July we had to travel to Colorado/New Mexico area. On the
way home we had the blessed opportunity to stay with a dear
family in Bozeman , Montana – the W family. They opened their
home to us and we had such a sweet time of fellowship. What a
joy to break bread with like minded folks and to pray for one
another! Chris and Amy were so accommodating and their

children were a delight. We were missing our dogs back home so it
was a special treat to meet their dogs and play with them. They
even introduced us to an indestructible dog toy that we
desperately needed for our big pooch back home.


Thank you “Candle in a Window” for introducing us to the joys
of hospitality. What a blessing – we can’t stop telling all our
friends about this special ministry."

Many Thanks and Many Blessings,

The B Family   (August 2012)


"I wanted to let you know that we had a wonderful visit with
the B family that recently came to our home through Candle in
the Window. Thank you for all your work and effort in this
ministry. "

Amy,  Montana  (August 2013)


"We had the incredible pleasure of hosting our first A Candle in
the Window
guests just this week! They were a Belgium/ Dutch
family who stayed with 8 different network members during a 2
month visit in the States. We were so glad to be a part of their
itinerary--it's always a delight to meet fellow believers who
share similar passions, but this visit was extra special as I am
3/4 Dutch. Just hearing their accents was a treat as it reminded
me of my grandparents!

If it wasn't for A Candle in the Window, I would never have
made friends with a Dutch family, and been able to get in touch
with my heritage. Their hostess gift to us was a Dutch cookbook
which contained recipes I remember from my childhood! Now
we are talking and dreaming of visiting them someday. Inter-
national travel feels much less intimidating when you know you
have friends waiting for you!

We so appreciate your vision and initiative in starting the net-
work, and are delighted by the opportunities it's creating for
fellowship around the world. As I get back into blogging this
fall after a busy summer, I hope to help spread the word!

We still remember our visit with your family with fondness,"

Trina (and Jeremy)   New York   (August 2012)




"We had a great time on our recent trip west to visit pregnancy
care centers we support, visit our partner
Focus On The Family
and speak at the Heartbeat International Conference in Los
While we traveled west our family was blessed to stay
with The M family in Colorado Springs.

Dale, the father and retired Navy officer was out of town when
we were coming to the Springs, however, his son Collier was at
home. They communicated with us that all would be well to stay
with Collier till Dale got in the following night.
What can I say
about Collier, how can I compliment him. Well let me start -
Collier is a chip off the old block and a wonderful son bringing
his mother incredible credit as well. He made sure we had nice
warm beds by first giving up his for some of the kids. A spare
bedroom and clean bathroom with all the trimmings as well as
dinner and breakfast every day. He even went so far as to make
sure the washer and dryer were free for us to use. [I have no
idea where they hid their clothes for three days!]

We stayed three glorious days with Dale and Collier and we
won’t forget it. Their hospitality was tremendous and helped
me, Heidi and eight of our ten kiddos reduce expenses and
breathe easier not worrying about things. Those three days
saved us tremendous money on a 6k road trip from MO to CA
and back and help us ensure we were being good stewards of the
investment our donors made in this trip to visit our partners."


Kurt , Missouri   (August 2012)
Guys for Life International 



"We recently hosted the S family as our first "A Candle in the
Window" guests. They spent one night and we wished they could
have stayed longer. We enjoyed some interesting and fun
conversations getting to know each other and learning about their
lives and ministries in Belgium, Netherlands, etc. Hope we get to
meet up with them again this side of heaven. It is easy to com-
mend the family to others. They make us look forward to the
next opportunity we have to host others from the hospitality
network. Thanks for making it all available."

Scot & Kathy,     Michigan  (August 2012)





"We stayed in our first ACITW home, (Member #5443132),
this month. When they found out we were planning a
quick trip to Maine and Boston while we were in the area, they
had information and directions all ready for us when we
arrived! The information included a light house in Maine.
Visiting the lighthouse was one of my favorite sites on our excursion
that day! We also had a wonderful visit with them while we
were there."


Diane,  Kentucky   (August 2012)



"We had the privilege yesterday of fixing a picnic lunch for
Dan and Amy (7451534) and their young ladies as they work
their way west. It was just a quick stop for them and the hour
passed much too quickly. The family is  delightful in every
respect and within minutes, we felt like we were old friends.
Dan, Amy and girls, may God bless your travels and you be
sure to stop by on your way back through."

Phil and Jenny,  Indiana   (August 2012)



 "We recently enjoyed having the S family stay with us for two
nights. What a lovely family! They were easy and pleasurable to
talk with, the children got along with each other very well, and
we enjoyed learning some about the Belgian culture. We would
love to have them visit us again."


Phil,  Minnesota  (August 2012)




"The K family (Kansas) visits with the L family (New Mexico)
for dinner and fellowship.
Each night after diner we read a
hymn history and sing. Our hymn for the evening was "Come
Thou Fount of Every Blessing". The K family joined us in lifting
our voices in praise to our Heavenly Father. The sound of 17
voices was amazing as the sweet voices of the moms and young
girls blended with the strong powerful voices of so many young
men and their fathers."



Debby and Russell,  New Mexico  (August 2012)



"We were thrilled to host this precious family and learn how the
Lord is working half way around the world... So, to speak for
our family, THANK YOU!! It was a bit to do last minute, but it
was so worth it! We would definitely do it again. :-) 
We hope to
be able to host more families in the future. Thank you so much
for setting up this vital ministry!"  

Joyce, Illinois  (July 2012)




"This is a wonderful network. I am passionate about community
and I am so grateful for this network of believers."

Amy,  St Isidore, Ontario, Canada  (July 2012)



" In July we had to travel to Colorado/New Mexico. On the way
home, we had the blessed opportunity to stay with a dear family
in Bozeman, Montana. They opened their home to us and we
had such a sweet time of fellowship. What a joy to break bread
together with like minded folks and to pray for one another.
Chris and Amy were so accommodating and their children a
delight...Thank you "Candle in the Window" for introducing us
to the joys of hospitality. What a blessing--We can't stop telling
all our friends about this special ministry.
Many thanks and
many blessings,"

The B Family,  Washington  (July 2012)




"What a wonderfully inspired concept to put this ministry
together! It is so needed and we have often wished someone
would do it.

May the beauty of the Lord be upon you and establish the work
of your
hands.  Psalm 90:17"

Caring for those who serve,
Anita Parks,  Alabama  (May 2012)



"We are glad to have found your website. I've always thought
something just like A Candle in the Window should exist... I'm
glad to see that it does! We are looking forward to finding out
who God has planned to bring our way."  
 Travis, South Carolina   (April, 2012)



"I wanted to share with you the joy and blessing
A Candle in the
has been to our family and little ones. We live in a little
desert town in the middle of nowhere and had our doubts that
we would get to have the delight of hosting through this net-
work, though we were all very hopeful. Shortly after we joined,
we began to pray that God would send someone though the net-
work that we could host. The (5) children kept asking if we had
gotten "any emails yet from Someone, Somewhere" To our
delight, a family contacted us and we soon enjoyed the amazing
fellowship and sweet friendship of this family.

Three months have passed and the little ones began to lament
that "we have no candles in the window coming." Once again
we began to pray and there in our inbox was another request!
God answered "Yes!" to the prayers of our little ones and to our
prayers. Thank you for this amazing ministry. We are blessed
by the opportunities and lessons of sacrifice and service to be
learned as well as the joys of fellowship and friendship in the
name of Christ!"  

 Debbie, New Mexico  (Feb 2012)



"We had a wonderful time with several of our member families 
and friends in the Colorado Springs area... Special thanks to
Dale and Stephanie (and Chelsea and Collier) for opening their
beautiful home and lavishing us all with true hospitality. Great
fellowship with old and new friends!"


Craig and Theresa,    Florida   (February 2012)
, A Candle in the Window Hospitality Network


“What a fantastic idea ACWHN was – we had a delightful time
with the L family . As a consequence, I’m thinking of how to
arrange a Christian Filmmaking Camp next year!!

Just got an inquiry from a Swiss family too – It will be
interestng to see if they are known to my daughter in law’s father who
has been a mover-and-shaker in the homeschool movement in
that country!”   

Tracy, Surrey, England      (Jan 2012)



"Two years ago we were blessed to move from a trailer into our
first home, a vintage 1800s house in the country. Finally we had
space for guests! We completed a guest room and an extra
bathroom this spring, just in time to offer a room to a couple of
old friends traveling through the area.

Next was a family of 8 who brought their camper and stayed
the weekend. We enjoyed showing them around the local state
parks and had a bonfire in the
evening. Throughout the summer we had additional
opportunities to host old and new friends for meals or overnight.

It was at this time we became aware of the true meaning of the
Biblical call to hospitality. Suddenly we saw hospitality was not
just an option for those so inclined, but a calling for all
believers. This increased our desire to pursue hospitality in our
home and to encourage others to find the blessing and
fulfillment in practicing hospitality in whatever place or season they
are in. We've been greatly blessed by the fellowship we've
experienced over the summer and are excited at the opportunities
A Candle in the Window will provide to allow us to minister
to the body of Christ and make new friends."    

Trina, New York  (Nov 2011)


 “This family (Russell and Debbie) showered Christian
hospitality upon us and made us feel right at home. They

cooked delicious meals and we enjoyed delightful conversation
with all of them. They encouraged us in the Lord and we feel
like we made lifelong friends in 24 hours. Thank you, thank

Phil, Minnesota  (Oct 2011)





Hello there, 

We are leaving a reference for the Hoverson's (member # 10030274):

We loved staying with the Hoverson's. It was a short stay (1 night) but it was thoroughly enjoyable. They whole family was great, very hospitable and generous. They made us feel very welcomed and comfortable. The fellowship was edifying and we were encouraged by their faith and intentionality in how they disciple their children. We hope to see them again in this life, and look forward to spending eternity with them worshiping Christ!

Thank you,

Seth and Sara Mohr

Hello there, 

We are leaving a reference for the Hoverson's (member # 10030274):

We loved staying with the Hoverson's. It was a short stay (1 night) but it was thoroughly enjoyable. They whole family was great, very hospitable and generous. They made us feel very welcomed and comfortable. The fellowship was edifying and we were encouraged by their faith and intentionality in how they disciple their children. We hope to see them again in this life, and look forward to spending eternity with them worshiping Christ!

Thank you,

Seth and Sara Mohr


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