Help Us Grow !!!

Help us get the word out about A Candle in the Window Hospitality Network…

We are new and it will take us awhile to build our database. Please show grace as we are growing. At first, there will be fewer member locations… but we believe we will soon be a thriving worldwide network of Christian households delighting in hospitality!
As an incentive, we are offering free lifetime memberships to the first household in each state or foreign country to join. These will be our “charter members”. Click on the locations page: if there are no members yet from your state or country, join and become your state’s charter member. Hurry!   

Please help us spread the word… post a link on your facebook page, email or "tweet"  it to your friends. Be creative. We also enjoy speaking on the topic of hospitality and would welcome opportunities to do so in your area. The more members we have in different locations, the better it is for everybody!      

  The Greek word for practice is "dioko" which is better rendered "strive for" or "pursue"... and points to vigorous effort... We are to actively pursue, promote, and aspire to hospitality. We are to think about it, plan for it, prepare for it, pray about it and seek opportunities
to do it. 

Alexander Strauch

             (Romans 12:13)








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