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A Candle in the Window Hospitality Network is a growing network/ database of Christian households who delight in hospitality. Members enjoy conversational dinners and/or overnight stays for FREE in the homes of other members. The low annual membership is only $50 for an entire household. That is less than half the cost of one night at a hotel, yet lasts an entire year.  $75 for 2 years.      

Simply click on the locations/map to locate members in the area  you are traveling through. Then view their member profile in the Private Directory (visible to members only). If you would like to request a reference or see whether a member is available for an overnight stay of 1-2 nights, click on "send message" to contact them through our site. Be sure to include the date(s) of desired visit and identify yourself by your first name AND member ID number (Note: Member's last name, address and phone numbers never appear on the website directories) Messages and contact information are exchanged privately between members.     

Perhaps you don’t need overnight accommodations or, for some reason, are unable to open your home to overnight guests, you can still delight in hospitality through a “conversational dinner”. Do you view your dinner table as a nexus for worship, fellowship, discipleship, work, education and evangelism? You should! Meet other members for a meal and fellowship when traveling through their location, or host a dinner as members pass through your neck of the woods. As we have already said, its not just about saving money! As God engineers your path, we pray that new friendships might be forged and the stories of God's faithfulness recounted around countless dinner tables.

Charter Memberships


Become a Charter Member: To help kick things off, we are offering a FREE lifetime membership to the first household in each state or foreign country who joins A Candle in the Window Hospitality Network. Check our locations to see if we have a member in your state (US) or your nation.

Missionary Memberships


And did we mention that fulltime and retired missionaries can also join for FREE and receive a lifetime membership? A small token of our appreciation to them for their years of faithful service. Karen Maines, in her Open Heart, Open Home, reminds us of the blessings of hosting missionaries in our home:


You can be a part of the kingdom though you may not be on the front lines. Think of your home as a behind the lines supply depot, a resting place away from the heat of the battle. Find ways to use the good things the Lord has given you to ease the battle scarred veteran or the fresh young recruit. You will give much to them and they will give you heroic stories of the conflict, marvelous undertakings of the commander-in-chief, intimate knowledge about the direction the battle is raging. 

 Large Families

Finally, a note to large families:  Families often include travel as an important part of their journey together in life, but travel for an entire household can be expensive! While not feasible for everyone, we pray for many members who would be able to and delight in opening their homes to larger households.





My parents

knew how important it was for us

meet Christian

men and women from all walks of
life, to hear first hand their stories of the faithfulness of God, and to enjoy the privilege of asking them questions. At our dinner table, we saw and heard what it means to seek first the kingdom of God, to give
all to Jesus, to work for gold, silver and precious stones rather than

wood ,hay, and stubble.

Elisabeth Elliot





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